Why Video Games Cannot be “Lovecraftian”

OnlySP: "Almost every week seems to bring at least one new game that cites the works of H. P. Lovecraft as a key inspiration or influence, yet many of the games that claim a Lovecraftian ethic are undeserving of the moniker."
Find out why inside.

Goldby2627d ago

never mentioned Bloodborne, which is probably one of the closest to lovecraft

Bimkoblerutso2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

This article kinda reads like a truncated term paper...

I mean, still a better read than 99% of gaming articles these days, but I think it misses the point. There are only a few games that claim to be directly rooted in Lovecraftian mythology. The rest are just "Lovecraftian" insofar as they mine some thematic inspiration from his works, most commonly the themes of insanity, paranoia and consciousness, which even among the genre are most commonly associated with Lovecraft.

If it was just a Lovecraft story, it wouldn't be "Lovecraftian." It would just be...a Lovecraft story.

Trubills2626d ago

This article asserts Lovecraft's xenophobia is not translatable to video games as it would be frowned upon. However, in Bloodborne, we are met with that xenophobia from the outside. We are repeatedly confronted by NPCs as being an "outsider" who is "not welcome". Also, many pieces of Bloodborne's lore is speculative as there are no definite answers. The Great Ones are open to interpretation as to their intentions and motives. Bloodborne is really a work of art, and will stand the test of time like very few video games can.

Godmars2902626d ago

The current power fantasy devs seem to think all gamers want?

Lovecraft stories tended to be about man's insignificance against cosmic horrors.

rhap2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

bloodborne and terraria are the best games with lovecraftian themes HAHAH yes, terraria!

but really, sunless sea is a great game that takes a lot of inspiration from lovecraft works.

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cthulhucultist183d ago

Eternal Darkness was way ahead of its time especially for a Nintendo exclusive.

I would love to see a remake or sequel (multiplatform)

Ristul183d ago

When I see Eternal Darkness, I klick!

TheBrainZ183d ago

Not to sound too repetitive but Eternal Darkness all the way!

GaboonViper183d ago

Eternal Darkness is one of my most favourite games of all time.

kevco33182d ago

4 people love Eternal Darkness.

Quick! Jump on that remake, whoever holds the rights these days.


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shinoff2183197d ago

Nice to see this has been finally settled.

henbayward196d ago

Good for them. Sinking City was an odd game for me. Tons of jank and filler, and poorly tacked-on combat and character upgrades, but decent writing and stories that were compelling enough to make me finish the game.
It feels like it wants to be a point-and-click adventure game, but got shoehorned into an open-world RPG.

shinoff2183196d ago

I got la noire vibes from it.

SyntheticForm196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Good game. Not bad, not great. I'm still waiting for an amazing Cthulu game. Call of Cthulu by Cyanide/Focus Home got the tone and setting right, but just didn't deliver enough in other areas.

One day, eventually.

CBaoth196d ago

we never will now in this current climate. HP Lovecraft is taboo amongst the major players. Shame too cuz all his stories would make killer side quests in an open world adventure about the great old ones.

Nacho_Z196d ago

Rather than DLC a sequel that built on everything that worked and polished the bits that didn't would be ideal. There was a lot to like about the first game and it'd be a great base for a follow up with improved combat etc.

Feels like the game is a bit old for DLC, I can imagine them grafting on it and nobody buying it.


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