20 Years Later, Eternal Darkness Still Deserves More Attention

It's been 20 years since Eternal Darkness first released, which is almost as scary a thought as the game itself.

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MadLad339d ago

Another amazing IP Nintendo chooses to do nothing with.
Shop that around to a few smaller studios and see what sort of pitches they come up with. There are studios who would kill to take a hand at the series.

Neonridr339d ago

honestly, hand it to a studio to just do a remaster / remake. It's been so long that there's a bunch of people who never got to experience the original.

MasterChief3624339d ago

Nope. We need a Shenmue III situation where the third game alienates everyone that hasn't played the first 2 games, and there is a 20-year break between the release. Most of the people that care have died. We need to repeat that for Eternal Darkness 2.


ZeekQuattro339d ago

Loved playing this game back in the day. Some of the sanity effects wouldn't work on today's TV's but back then I know the game got me more than a few times while playing it into the wee hours of the morning. Lol It's a shame the IP never took off. People clamor for mature story driven Nintendo games yet more often than not those games bomb. 🤔

I remember back when the Switch was still codenamed NX a group of former Eternal Darkness devs were working on a spiritual successor but they never got the backing it needed and the project failed. I was hoping Nintendo would step in but after one of the devs was arrested for cheese pizza I knew that wasn't happening. Apparently the project lead wasn't very relieable either which also did the game in. Would be nice if we at least got a remaster of the orginal though. Im sure Nintendo could find a studio willing to do it.

DaReapa339d ago

Yeah, I was one of the backers. The game even had a slated pc release. Shame it fell through.

Neonridr337d ago

I too was one of those backers. I definitely wanted it to happen.

XxINFERNUSxX339d ago

This game is long overdue for a remake.

339d ago
2moda5gamer339d ago

Gotta be up there as one of the top 5 most underrated from that generation. Extremely Fantastic game thats sadly dead in the water due the it's creator being a nonce. Nintendo should have gone with the spiritual sequel that popped up years ago but now I feel they are perhaps the wrong platform for it - thought I'm all for being proven wrong.