Edge: Remembering TIE Fighter

Edge writes: "It's all there in its first mission, a scenario formed from the blandest of situations and the pickiest of requirements, but one that unravels into something frenetic and even grand, the start of journey that takes you through a meticulous and individual vision of the Star Wars universe. It begins with five cargo freighters. It's during the aftermath of the Empire's successful attack on the Rebel base on Hoth, and your superiors suspect that escaping Rebel soldiers have been smuggled aboard one of the freighters. As a rookie member of a TIE Fighter squadron attached to the space station to which these freighters are cruising, you must fly in close to each one before identifying its contents."

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Pebz3676d ago

The whole X-wing series (X-wing, Tie Fighter, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter and X-wing Alliance) really was awesome, some of the very best Star Wars games.

Charmers3676d ago

Sadly it is a game of it's time and we are unlikely to ever see something like this again. It is a shame lucasarts will not revive the concepts fleshed out in x-wing and tie fighter, but I get the feeling the market isn't big enough for these games anymore.

Pebz3676d ago

Space combat simulators really have very little to work with graphic wise, and seeing how it's all about graphics today, it's sadly just not meant to be. Pity really, since the series managed to get the story, game play and the proper Star Wars feel so very well.