Up to 70% off digital versions of PS4 JRPGs

The digital versions of PlayStation 4 Japanese role-playing games have been heavily discounted, including Megadimension Neptunia VII dropping to $15.99, Omega Quintet to $8.99, Tales of Zestiria to $20.99, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered to $20.99 and more.

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622d ago
joab777622d ago

If you haven't, play Valkyrie Chronicles. One of last gens best games!

Chumdiddy622d ago

Not a big RPG fan but this game was incredible. Absolutely one of the best games of last gen.

Kurisu622d ago

I still need to finish this game. I rage quit on it when it released on PS3, and I sold it. Bought it digitally last year for PS4 in a sale and got further than I did before, but I got stuck again so haven't played for a while.

DivineAssault 622d ago

Too bad i dont buy digital but good deals none the less.. I can only do movies digitally.. Games are a NO in my book

InTheZoneAC622d ago

lol I'm the exact opposite

DivineAssault 622d ago

Its probably convenient for you since you dont have to change discs when moving on to another game.. Still! If i dont like the game i purchased, its going back to the store so i can get a new one..