More XBLA from PopCap

PopCap Games had a successful 2006 on Live Arcade, crowned recently with the release of Heavy Weapon. It doesn't plan to stop there either, according to communications director Garth Chouteau, who expects more new games in 2007.

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calderra5220d ago

I'm glad. They've brought some freakin' fantastic games to XBLA. My girlfriend is still addicted to Feeding Frenzy, and right now I'm loving Heavy Weapon- anyone who's missing out should try the demo ASAP. Not to mention titles like Cloning Clyde... it's all really good and varied stuff.

Go PopCap. And go XBLA for making these titles possible.

Optimus Prime5220d ago

me too. i am having tons of fun with heavy weapon. it is a great arcade game.
Keep the games coming PopCan.

Captain Tuttle5220d ago

Heavy Weapon is fun. A bit mindless but I have a blast when I play. I feel like I got my money's worth.