The Bitbag Review: Warriors Orochi 2

The Bitbag writes: "Cutting down your foes with spear, sword or scythe, Warriors Orochi 2 delivers you more warriors and mayhem. New and exciting features added for more replay value will have you glued to the screen, plus a new force you can choose from is pretty sweet as well. Does this game stand up to the task of making you spend hours on end leveling up all your warriors and obtaining their weapons like the others had done?

Yes, it does and even more so with this sequel. Just to get the bad stuff taken care of before I talk about the goods, you will come across slow downs in battle. A lot, actually. It can get annoying at first, but once you killed a hundred or so, then you'll notice how quickly the game speed picks up. What's funny about this, is that the graphics are that of a PS2 not a 360. It's not surprising, but it shows the laziness of the developers. If you're going to make a game multi-platform, then at least make the effort to give the customers more for their buck."

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