GameZone: Active Life: Outdoor Challenge Review

Can video games change your life? Can they make you more active? More fit and more toned? After the Dance Dance Revolution craze showed us a way to get off our butts and burn calories while being entertained, game developers have been searching for the next big thing. Once Wii Fit landed on store shelves and sold millions, that search became all the more tantalizing.

Active Life is Namco Bandai's take on the subject, a series that is dedicated to, not surprisingly, providing gamers with a more active lifestyle. Unbelievably, it does not accomplish this task by banking on the success of the Wii Balance Board. Active Life took another route, instead using a DDR-style mat that features eight points of interactivity. The first Active Life title, Outdoor Challenge, uses the power of mini-games to get players to break a sweat.

Gameplay 5
Graphics 4
Sound 4
Difficulty Medium
Concept 8
Multiplayer 5
Overall 5.0

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