Top 5 Nintendo goofs

Throughout its 20 year gaming history Nintendo have made quite a few muck-ups, here is the top 5.

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Smacktard5780d ago

I agree with the majority of the list, but... I think the virtual boy should replace Rare. It seems like Nintendo sold Rare at the right time. They don't seem to be doing much for Microsoft.

silvacrest5779d ago

"It seems like Nintendo sold Rare at the right time. They don't seem to be doing much for Microsoft."

that might have more to do with microsoft then Rare

sumfood4u5779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

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Why the H E L L didnt they mention the Wii Storage problem? that should be number one! Why limit space storage an have Virtual ware & Wii Ware Galore? People who hate on Space in system get this

Wii had 20GB Virtual & Wii ware would be selling like Krazy IMO!

ChickeyCantor5780d ago (Edited 5780d ago )

Number 5 is a bit of.
I have seen some screens of the n64 FF7 game, and they were nothing like FF7 as we know it now.
The game originally planned for the N64 had different characters and different storyline. Although N64 could have had a Full RPG game, just not with all the prerendered backgrounds( sometimes that changed into a FMV) and Cut scenes.

Seriously this could have been an awesome Final fantasy =)
FF6 has a great story too, so story telling was already matured enough in the SquareSoft department(FF4 rocks too btw xD)

It's a shame, i'm still interested in how that game would have become as a whole.

Number 4 is also off.
The problem was that the Ps2 already managed to get enough people to their side. Developers saw money in it and basically ditched the GCN. Not because of "memory" restriction. Some developers even took the "multi-disc" way....so that wasn't the problem at all.
GCN just sold less, so developers had little reason to develop for it.

Edit: Well it wasn't sure if it was meant for the N64, those are FF6 characters, but those gfx werent possible on the PS1, so its safe to say that it was indeed planned for the N64.

TheColbertinator5779d ago

Nintendo selling Rare was the biggest mistake they ever made.Without Rare,the N64 would not have stood a chance against the PS1.Rare without Nintendo is like the X-Men without Wolverine

gumgum995779d ago

Rare without Nintendo is like the X-Men without Wolverine

Very nice analogy, Steve.

bubbles on me

Mahr5779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

Can't say I really agree, as I'm wondering what the heck Rare's doing on the list at all.

In the first place, Nintendo only sold their 49% share in the company to Microsoft *after* Microsoft had already gotten the 51% majority share from the people who had actually founded the company. There aren't exactly a lot of options when the majority share in a company goes to one of your competitors.

And in the second place, even if one takes the stance "Well, Nintendo didn't try hard enough to keep them!", Rareware lost tons of key personnel even before anyone knew about the sale (if memory serves, a lot of them went off to form Free Radical). A lot of the people behind games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conkers Bad Fur Day, et cetera, which were arguably Rareware's best games, weren't even there anymore -- and a few more left after the sale went down.

"By allowing Microsoft to acquire Rare Nintendo lost possibly the biggest asset they had."

An asset that hasn't really made anything on the same level as it did in its heyday, in terms of sales and critical acclaim at least.

jerethdagryphon5779d ago

that stuff is a tech demop run on silicon graphics workstations so they could learn 3d modeling and code
it never would have reached n64like that

ChickeyCantor5779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

If you see how good FF7/ff8 characters looked in battle on the PS1(for that time), the N64 could have done this easily.

If you meant it wouldnt be that what you see in the screens ...no.
That was indeed a demo. But if there was a n64 FF it could have looked like that ( and seeing that there are far better looking games released on the N64 it could have looked much better than that)

That what you see in the screens is actually an reenactment of FF6

gumgum995779d ago

I didnt expect this list to be very factual, but I kinda like this list.

Many of the points made are true(mostly because of playstation's dominance and the ill-fated Gamecube) and have been the main reason why Playstation has won two consecutive console wars.

Of course, Nintendo is now back on top thanks to the Wii so none of this matters now.

Next up: the top 5 on why the Wii owns this generation, period.

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Chard20h ago

Missing the most important game - Rogue Leader