Gaming is a Drag

With Rupaul's Drag Race reaching new heights, New Normative writer Jack Williams questions how drag has been represented in gamings past, present and future.

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garyanderson630d ago

I would pay good money for a Rupaul game, haha!

-Foxtrot629d ago

I's funnily the only reality TV show I like.

Good Luck...and DON'T f*** it up

crazychris4124628d ago

I was a little surprised when I turned this show on and it had nothing to do with actual drag racing.

bluefox755628d ago (Edited 628d ago )

Anyone else predict the website for looking? lol

Fist4achin628d ago

Wait, Gaming is a, or as a,...

DaigotheKing628d ago

I wish this site was banned on N4G.

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