The Precursors hi-res screenshots

Check out hi-res images of this massively ambitious Sci-fi-RPG-FPS.

Featuring FPS, RPG and space combat elements all weaved together to present an open and free world, where players can become entirely immersed in a genuinely deep and involving play mechanic, The Precursors puts players in the role of a young pilot, who's tasked with uncovering secrets and solving the problems that go with them as he travels the galaxy visiting planets and getting into scrapes.

The game looks massively ambitious and will undoubtedly deliver a seemingly never-ending array of creatures, characters, weapons, vehicles, cultures and worlds. Expect to be in desert planets one minute and snow-covered ice planets the next and expect to bump into all manner of alien beings. In theory The Precursors could present players with a sense of openness and infinity not felt since we all first booted up Elite on our BBCs and Spectrums and allowed ourselves to waste away hours travelling through the seemingly open universe presented therein.

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nice_cuppa5219d ago

oh yeah.
real info for the masses !

Dusk5219d ago bright colors.

death monk5219d ago

This game sounds a lot like Freelancer on the PC. I loved that game. I really hope this game is like that.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5219d ago

another reason not to own a PS3!