Call of Duty WWII vs Medal of Honor Frontline Omaha Beach Landing Graphics Comparison

Omaha Beach Landing is one of the most iconic scenes in the whole history. It’s been also already used in many games and movies. Let’s compare Medal of Honor Frontline version of that scene with latest Call of Duty WWII, presented in reveal trailer of the game.

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Vetalka83535d ago

Why would you compare these 2???That MoH is classic.

cyckiewicz535d ago

It's hard not to notice similarities.

inveni0535d ago

Similarities? It's almost shot-for-shot identical. I will say that games have come a long, long way.

535d ago
andrewsquall535d ago

Why not? Its just a little video to show how far tech has come in around 15 years.

XbladeTeddy535d ago

Switch version vs PS4 Pro version.

PlayableGamez-535d ago

PS4 Pro Version vs Project Scorpio Version

PlayableGamez-535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Project Scorpio Version vs PC Version

Happy now?

masterfox535d ago

So the Switch can have a Call of Duty game!, nice. :D

Profchaos535d ago

My toaster can have a cod game if they lower enough effects

535d ago
AlokTheDemon535d ago

Reminds me of company of heroes :)