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Neil writes "Endless runners - you gotta love 'em for the draw and addictiveness they bring. When that same endless runner changes every single day without fail, you’ll quickly see why I’ve fallen in love with Race The Sun.

But similarly, you’ll also quickly realise that if I was writing this on a different day, chances are Race The Sun wouldn’t be quite so loved."

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oKidUKo2105d ago

Don't mind an endless runner, but prefer them a bit cheaper

G20WLY2105d ago

It was free on PS+ a while back and just got patched to support PSVR too

IamTylerDurden12105d ago

Yea, it's a pretty decent game and bc we got it free on PS Plus we get it on PS4, Vita, and PSVR. I'm excited to try it in VR. If u like the runner genre this is a good one.

2105d ago