EA, Please Don't Kill Off Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 was among EA's most successful launches despite having a ton of issues at its launch. However, with the launch of Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 seems to be dying.

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C-H-E-F534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

lOl, only if they make BFBC3 worthy, the funny thing is when BFBC2 came out everyone was saying that BC wasn't a "REAL" BF game now it's one of the most iconic/favs lOl.... BC was my most loved games of the series and my introduction to BF. Before that I was SOCOM all day every day haha.

EazyC534d ago

The guy who leaked BF1 MONTHS before it was revealed said his source claimed DICE LA were working on BFBC 3 while the Sweden studio was doing BF1

Sciurus_vulgaris534d ago

I personally prefer Battlefield 4 over Battlefield 1. I have 180 hrs in BF4, yet only about 50 hrs in BF1. Battlefield 1 after the 50 hr mark, hasn't been drawing me in.

spaceg0st534d ago

1000 hours into bf4 and still a great game. .. except for the stupid FLIRs

Sciurus_vulgaris534d ago

I just think BF4 is arguably more balanced than BF1. The guns in BF1 are easier to use, and thus you can kill (or get killed) at long ranges more readily. I hated getting gunned down by hip fired SMGs in BF1. Some maps in BF1, also seemed to just favor camping snipers . Also planes with good pilots are annoying as hell to deal with in BF1. A friend of mine went 43-0 in plane during a conquest match.

1908-PB534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

Sciurus_vulgaris--- that's nothing 43-0 https://battlelog.battlefie... ......... second d account https://battlelog.battlefie...

yeahokwhatever534d ago

he got lucky. Im a badass pilot and I usually dont last THAT long. Damn flak cannons are a problem.


I have 160 hrs on bf1 and 489 on bf4 and I'm going back to bf4 because dice killed bf1 specially frontline game mode

SillyBastid533d ago

i actually think frontline saved this game! Conquest just isnt doing it - sniping is way too easy in BF1.

_-EDMIX-_534d ago


I like both.

badz149534d ago

What the hell ia this article talking about BF4 dying? The PS4 version alone still has over 20k players peak per day still. And even on the PS3 there are over 10k peak in 24h. Dying? I don't think so

Mroc13534d ago

True story. I have gone back to BF4. The gameplay is better imo and I like getting those battlepacks with attachments and boosts etc. There's no reward in BF1. It feels like it wasn't completed.

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thorstein534d ago

I was wondering if you could say launch a few more times.

DaMist534d ago

Haha shots launched, erm I mean fired

GreenUp534d ago

BF4 is still strong. BF1 gameplay isn't as fun imo. BFBC is the better of the series excluding the royal king BF2.

TheOttomatic91534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

I disagree the release of BF4 was insulting it was almost as bad as the launch of Andromeda, EA and DICE lost a lot of fans and most likely financial support in the long run (due to gamers unsure about the quality about a more games in the series following 4). Whilst BF1 was not as commercially successful as 4 it did bring back a lot of trust in DICE to make quality titles like previous games they've done, my conclusion kill 4 with fire and work on more games that are high quality like BF1 and hopefully the upcoming Battlefront 2.

TheOttomatic91533d ago

Did it? If so that's great news I had heard that BF1 sold under expectations for EA though that doesn't necessarily mean the sales were poor

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