Versus - PS4 Pro vs Scorpio Specs Showdown

PlayStation LifeStyle pits the PS4 Pro against the Xbox Scorpio in this Specs Showdown.

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stuna11676d ago

Obvious flame bait! This would be no different than comparing 1st party exclusives.

generic-user-name1675d ago

Gee, I wonder if the box with the better specs will outperform the box with the specs that aren't as good?

Better make an article to find out.

Silly gameAr1675d ago

I wish people would take specs and shove them up their as*. No one talks about the important part when it comes to gaming, only specs. When has specs won console wars?

TankCrossing1675d ago

True, but until Scorpio actually releases we simply aren't going to know which console tastes nicest.

Condemnedman1675d ago

unless the spec's are better on the one you own?

Silly gameAr1675d ago

Unlike you and your friends, specs hardly come up in my conversations concerning gaming, so you can throw that little shade of yours somewhere else.

snoopgg1675d ago

Unless the exclusives are better on one or the other. We know which one will have better exclusives at a lower console price. That be Sony

rando 1675d ago

@ Silly gameAr: "When has specs won console wars?" PlayStation 4... they didn't have a large number of good exclusives at the beginning. ps4 had Resogun & Killzone... xbox had Killer Instinct & Titanfall. even though xbox had better exclusives, that wasn't enough. sony fans bought ps4's in droves because of a slight resolution advantage. so they surely didn't get their big head start & win the generation based off of games.

Silly gameAr1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

You think it was the specs that put the PS4 ahead? I'm pretty sure it was MS's missteps and the PS4's price that did the job along with a few other things. If you believe that it was only specs, then maybe you should work for MS because you're just as misguided as them.

meatnormous1675d ago

Titanfall was not a launch title.

rando 1675d ago

@ meatnormous: i never said it was. it was out in the 1st year. ms still had more & better exclusives in the 1st year than PS4. which makes what i said still true. so whats your point?

Hardiman1675d ago

Actually I bought it for Sony's exclusives as did all my friends who game. Not one of us were like oh wow it can do 1080P or whatever. We got it for games.

krypt19831675d ago

@hardiman maybe you didn't but about 20 mill casual gamers did, look at ps4 console exclusive sales the numbers greatly reflect that, lets take hzd for example great game but to ship about 3 million copies out of 60 million consoles to me is a flop no matter how good the game is, no matter how good you guys claim the exclusives are they really don't sell console's like you think they do and that goes for Microsoft and sony.

snoopgg1675d ago

No it was Microsoft's dumb arse policies and higher price that drove gamers away. Lack of exclusives didn't help either. Specs helped, but we're not the deciding factor to lead the demise of the xbox one.

thejigisup1675d ago

Better exclusives is subjective, unless you want to go to metacritic as a basis for this. In which case, Sony had better exclusives, and more of them to boot.

starchild1675d ago

No single factor is the only reason the PS4 has sold well, but you're delusional if you don't recognize that the better performance and lower price were huge factors in the PS4's success.

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Bigpappy1675d ago

But you are making a fuss about them right now! Specs do matter. They are just not the only factor that matters.

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krypt19831675d ago

3 years ago thats what gave ps4 such a Hugh lead, but i agree developers need to evole gameplay, mechanics, ai, collision pathing etc..

Krysis1675d ago

For the first 2 years of this generation, all that was talked about was specs and how one console would run games better than another. So obviously it was important then

Silly gameAr1675d ago

Maybe on N4G, but everyone that owns a PS4 doesn't come to N4G. You guys let it get under your skin so much, that MS had to try to clean the slate and try to start the next early.

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