5 PS4 Exclusive Games To Look Forward To

They may not all release within 2017 but these five games are currently the most exciting PlayStation 4 exclusive titles for console owners to look forward to.

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chrisx2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Days Gone, God of war4, Spiderman, Last of us 2, Death Stranding. All amazing looking and Must Play games! This is why Ps4 is the best

tyasia02102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )


And that's only a short list of games to look forward too, there are dozens of other games of all sorts of different styles and genres to look forward too.

The variety really helps to draw people to PlayStation. No matter what type of games you like PlayStation has got you covered.

DJ_Professor_K2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

From VR to indie games to triple A exclusive and genres not fully realized they are pushing it on all fronts even if you're not a fan of the platform you got to respect it and why wouldn't you be this generation

Deep-throat2102d ago

I highly advise you to not get excited for every game you've mentioned, and don't forget to keep your expectations low bro.

I'm smelling the next Lair.

KenichiEbina2102d ago

I am keeping my expectations all time high bro.

Sony will Drop Bombs bro.

I'm smelling next GOTY games.

2102d ago
tmisellati2102d ago

naughty dogs , kojima studio and santa monica studio are very very unlikely to disappoint us.
as for spiderman , the worst scenario that can happen is this game will be a very good game.
for me ,the only game that i am keeping my expectation low for , is Days gone.

Ron_Danger2102d ago

Why do you keep a copy of Lair up your butt??

2102d ago
trooper_2102d ago

I suggest that you quit trolling.


tyasia02102d ago

I think what your smelling Is Xbone The Deuce "BM".

Bathyj2102d ago

Lair was better than Scalebound.

ShadowKnight2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

What a desperate comment 😂🤣😁

Bathyj2102d ago

It's a stinky cologne.

Dragonscale2101d ago

@deep, sounds like ur talking about xbone tbh. I'm smelling some saltiness up there.

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KickSpinFilter2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Days Gone2018, God of war42017, Spiderman2018, Last of us 22018, Death Stranding 2022

2102d ago
Orpheo2102d ago

"Days Gone," pass; too many zombie games are over-saturating the market (at least, for me personally).

"God of War 4" I'm interested in, though I'm worried how it's going to turn out, I see that as being part of the fun finding out, though. ;)

"Spiderman" looks good but again pass, I'm just not a Marvel person and the IP doesn't interest me.

"Last of Us 2" I'll check out. I know, I just stated above that zombie games are over-saturating the market, but this is a sequel to a very interesting last-gen gem and I'm interested to see how the story continues to unfold.

"Death Stranding," pass. Hideo Kojima has done some amazing stuff and is one of the greatest game creators of all time, but this project just looks way too weird for me. I'll wait for more info to surface.

I am looking forward to other exclusives not mentioned, though, like "Final Fantasy VII Re-Make (timed - exclusive)" and "Shenmue 3."

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Kribwalker2102d ago

I agree, this gen and last gen, PlayStation has been bringing great exclusives to go with their great multiplat selection. From uncharted and resistance to castlevania lords of the shadow and the Witcher 2, Sony has been bringing support.

Lime1232102d ago

Exactly. Last gen Uncharted 2 (metascore 96), Little Big Planet (metascore 95) and TLOU (metascore 96) were higher rated than every X360 exclusive. This gen Persona 5 (metascore 94), Uncharted 4 (metascore 93) and Bloodborne (metascore 92) are higher rated than every Xbox One "exclusive".

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Relientk772102d ago

I need a release date for Ni no Kuni 2 so bad, and Dragon Quest XI as well

More JRPGs? Yes, please

medman2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

I'm looking forward to so many games...Ni No Kuni 2 being one of them, but with this news
I doubt we see it in 2017. I can wait. I will wait.

2102d ago
Razzer2102d ago

Days Gone or God of War are best bets for 2017, imo. Either one would cap off one of the best years in games.....maybe ever.

KickSpinFilter2102d ago

Days Gone2018, God of war42017 a week before Scorpio is released, Spiderman2018, Last of us 22018, Death Stranding 2022! My guess

KwietStorm_BLM2102d ago

That's twice you put Last of us 22018. Use your space bar. And Death Stranding, which has already been shown, already has an engine that's been used, and has already been under development for some time, won't be out for another 5 years from now? Ok.

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