Vivendi Ubisoft Takeover Might Happen Soon

According to Reuters' sources, a Vivendi Ubisoft takeover might happen as soon as this year. Vivendi is also eyeing advertising company Havas.

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Edito1407d ago

I hope it happens, maybe Vivendi will help Ubisoft improve practices...

Erik73571407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Hahaha no

Vivendi will run it to the ground and kill up any creative talent Ubisoft has.

Make it like EA/Activision

Ubisoft may released messy games but you can't deny their UP, assassin crees,watch dogs, far cry,etc. Is really good.

Ubisoft makes a lot of new IPs because they have good creative talent.

Kaneki-Ken1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Ubisoft are bad. They can make new ip but is repetitive with bugs, glitches and the story is joke especially Watch Dogs, For Honor, Assassin Creed, The Division, more. Ubisoft last generation was actually on point but now they are not putting the passion as before. Now with Vivendi, Ubisoft might be as worst than Activision and might milk all their top franchise to death. Ubisoft had the chance to buy their stocks but rather open up like over 3 new studios instead of protecting themselves from a take over which Ubisoft lost their sister company, Gameloft.

annoyedgamer1406d ago

All of Ubisoft's new IPs are the same. Repetitive worthless open world co-op shooters with downgraded visuals.

KTF261406d ago

despite the quality
you can't deny they miss with new ideas from time to time

when vivendi takeover them you can forget about missing with new ideas part

XiNatsuDragnel1407d ago

Vivendi will get back platformers

Derceto1406d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see Ubisoft destroyed.

BlaqMagiq11406d ago

Ubisoft is bad. Vivendi will finish them off.

RavageX1406d ago

Say what you will, but they were responsible for Rocksmith. They take risks with things and at least try something new from time to time.