Project Scorpio's Power Advantage Won't be Enough to Topple the PS4

It has been a few weeks since the specs for Project Scorpio were revealed. Microsoft’s upcoming console easily outstrips the Xbox One regarding pure horsepower. It also outmatches Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Because of its superior hardware, some believe the PS4’s time as the undisputed king of the console generation may soon be over. After all, if games run and look better on Scorpio, why would anyone want a PlayStation 4?

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GtR35olution2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Only a fool would think so . Sony PlayStation has the games with many more exclusive to come. Sony has proven for more than two decades without fail that they are focused on games first so they normally have the widest variety of exclusive games and the most critically acclaimed games available. Every game generation Sony has made a Video game console they always have the most exclusive games. Video games sell gaming consoles.

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XanderZane2052d ago

I'm not getting a Scorpio for it to topple the PS4. I'll be getting a PS4 Pro as well. I've already said this generation is over. No one is going to catch the PS4 in sales at this point, just like no one was caching the Wii last generation. Not sure why these articles keep popping up. 8th generation is set in stone.
1. PS4
2. XBox One
3. Wii U.

VforVideogames2052d ago

Your list its wrong since this gen its not over:
1. n switch
2. ps4
3. xbox scorpio
4. xbox one
5. ps4 pro

LOGICWINS2052d ago

@VforVideogames- Yup, the Switch will end up winning this gen unless some catastrophe happens to Nintendo.

The masses, not hardcore gamers, always determine who wins each gen.
Parents will gravitate to the system that presents the greatest value. A home console that doubles as a handheld presents the most value in the eyes of the casual consumer.

In terms of who will be #2, it'll be the PS4. As others have mentioned, Sony simply has the the more varied and voluminous exclusives. Simple as that. I don't see how Microsoft can catch up on that respect.

MS will be #3 this gen, but they'll learn from their mistakes and come back strong next gen.

1. Switch
2. PS4
3. X1

Godmars2902052d ago

"Switch will end up winning this gen unless some catastrophe happens to Nintendo."

You mean like the repeated misstep of not getting the likes of EA and Activision on board?

And I'm say that for as much as I "love" those companies...

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Ceaser98573612052d ago

"looks like switch will win this gen" LAUGHING MY ASS OFF.......... and you have some one pointing out #1 N switch , PS4 , Xbox scorpio (which didnt release yet and nobody knows how much will it sale) xbox one and Pro (which is selling better then xbox one )... dAMN!! Soothsayer in here... Too much of special kind of weed its seems but hey! as long as that keeps you going.. Stay blessed..

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DreadGara2052d ago

So much delusional opinions, It's like we have Pachter from every dimension.

FinalFantasyFanatic2052d ago

@VforVideogams @LOGICWINS

I think it's too early to call the Switch beating out the PS4 at this point, it'll do well, but at this point it doesn't look like it'll beat the PS4. And I wouldn't count console refreshes in the list since neither will be major system pushes for most consumers (if we counted the refreshes we'd have to have the PS4 slim as well as the Pro and Scorpio). Don't forget that the Wii U was also a massive failure and Nintendo still needs to recoup their losses on that one.

1908-PB2052d ago

XanderZane--- correction


morganfell2052d ago

Nintendo will not lead. Why? Look at their history. Start slow...and taper off. It is selling because it is still hard to get. But soon the Zelda fever will fade and then what? Mario? Super Mario? Super Duper Mario? Mario Kart racing? The Switch will not win because it lacks the games to keep it running. And before anyone says Nintendo will bring the games I return to the beginning of my remarks and point you at their history.

Skillz12152051d ago

@vforvideogames did you really just say the switch will win this gen? lol

XanderZane2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

LMAO!! Just no. First of all the Switch is 9th gen, so it's not even competing with the PS4 or XB1. Secondly, no matter how well it sell in Japan, it would never catch the PS4 and probably not even the XB1. The Switch is not the Wii. All those older elderly people who bought a Wii aren't going to be buying the Switch. We'll know how well the Switch does once the holidays are over. In any case, it is leading the 9th gen, so it is in 1st place right now.

PC is not a game console and it doesn't have generations. So it's not even in the race.

Goldby2051d ago

@Vforvideogames, and Logic

yes they will win based on their flawless track record of betting all on red and hoping luck is on their side....

they will be in last this gen and if they dont return to form, or actually decide what part fo the market they are goign to tailor their business for, it will always be in last place

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zerocarnage2052d ago

that is a joke, Sony hasn't always put there focus in games, there focus has been in many different areas just like Nintendo and ms.

One example is the ps4, when it first arrived just like Xbox one the focus was not on games at all for 2 whole years, gamers on both sides were going nuts questioning why they even brought a next gen console because it was remaster this and remaster that.

When it comes to games Nintendo has had the most focus in that area, nearly every year there consoles end up having more exclusives and in some years having more exclusives than Sony and ms combine. I would like to see all this daftness stop but it's not going to where gamers on both sides keep going off as if what they are can't be touched by anything else or be beaten.

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FinalFantasyFanatic2052d ago

Sony had a focus on games with the PS4 from the get go, they dropped how the media center of the living room after the PS3/360/Wii generation. I'm pretty sure a Sony rep specifically said that games would be the primary focus at some point.

Skillz12152051d ago

wow this was possibly the dumbest comment i have ever read on N4G. Do you here yourself? You do know that when PS4 was first announced it was literally all about games while MS was opposite...You have ZERO idea on what you are talking about and are making yourself look pretty pathetic

jrshankill2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Buy both, and don't be a raging fanboy wasting time arguing about a machine.

InTheZoneAC2051d ago

Don't support products with twisted logic in the companies trying to make more of what the product actually is

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2051d ago

Sony has the games, pricing, and marketing rights of most of the major AAA releases this year. Anyone thinking that Scorpio is going to outsell a $200 - $250 PS4 Slim is going to be extremely heartbroken at the end of the year.

ZeroX98762051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

it doesn't need to topple the PS4, from a gamers point anyway.

I'm pretty sure Xbox owners loves their console, since they probably chose it over the PS4 because of the exclusives available on Xbox.

Still glad I picked a PS4 this gen. Combined with my PC, I pretty much cover everything (except Nintendo, waiting for the switch to lower its price)

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OB1Biker2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Duh. Different games and it's been that way from the start.
'After all, if games run and look better on Scorpio, why would anyone want a PlayStation 4?'
Did I miss the astonishingly cheap price reveal?

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snoopgg2052d ago

The gamers that choose the ps4 and pro over Scorpio for the games and better price. No Sony gamer needs a Scorpio for multiplats, they will look really good on ps4 and pro anyways. The exclusives and price of Sony's consoles will keep them on top of Microsoft.

Aenea2052d ago

People thinking like that, forget that the inferior console, the Xbox One, also sold 25 to 30 million in the past 3.5 years.....

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XiNatsuDragnel2052d ago

Really PS4 is too established, wait next gen kiddies.

The_Sage2052d ago

I'm not sure what you mean.

XiNatsuDragnel2052d ago

They're pumping out exclusives, a player base with friends, and catalog of Third party games, and people's word of mouth are recommending PS4. In the end, Scorpio won't beat PS4, only Pro.

Dragonscale2052d ago

It won't beat the Pro either.

Goldby2051d ago

"in the end, the scorpio dont matter, phil tried to hard, and pushed so far, but in the end, its all about exclusives"

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Liqu1d2051d ago

He means people aren't going to drop their PS4's and collection of games for a mid gen upgrade where they will need to buy all of their games again. Plus the fact the PS4's has such a large userbase means it's more likely that potential customers have friends who play on PS4 and people tend to go where their friends are.

MS stand a better chance at becoming the market leader next gen.

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LuckyDuck122051d ago

Yeah gens are seemingly over. If not, then the Switch is technically the first true 9th gen console.

DigitalRaptor2046d ago

The moment that there is still a massive, generational leap in terms of hardware, consoles are still being created with their own identities, and games are still produced as exclusive to that piece of hardware for years, then yes... there are generations.

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aaronaton2052d ago

It'll be the same story Gen and Gen. SONY practically own most of the world's top Studio's. Sony were beavering away acquiring great studio's last gen, whilst the Xbox fans laughed at us because they were 'winning'.

343_Guilty_Spark2051d ago

Multiplats make up the bulk of game sales. This isn't the 1990s.

DigitalRaptor2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Multiplats make up the bulk of game sales, YET exclusive, platform-defining games are still some of the most talked about, as well as some of the absolutely BIGGEST (if not the biggest) announcements made at E3 and other gaming events.

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