The Playstation Conference Left Me Torn

Unpopular opinion, though the Playstation conference was good, why is it that Poli Games host Joseph, feels slightly disappointing? It seems like previous Playstation E3 events have spoiled us as gamers. It seems Sony spoiled the chance at making the last pitch for the Playstation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X. Seems like this years E3 has been a bit on the safe side, and expected Sony to take that risk.

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chrisx492d ago

Glad you know yur opinion is unpopular. I totally loved Sony's e3. Shadow of colossus remake was mad, spider man? Amazing. Days gone looks very good its a must play, and god of war well we all know that's boss. Uncharted expansion and horizon DLC. Damn now that's an E3

DonkeyWalrus492d ago

Based on the reactions I've seen across the internet, this opinion is not all that unpopular. Even people who are often called Sony fanboys were disappointed in this weak show. All games from last year's E3. All games that aren't coming out until 2018. No major announcements. It was boring and pointless. E3 2017 has been pretty disappointing all around.

TFJWM492d ago

I have a feeling Sony saved some ammo for later in the year. I expect some big announcements at Gamescon this year to try to take some press from Xbox 1X

slate91492d ago

Of course you loved it chrisx.
Even my friend who is a die hard sony fan thought the presentation was just OK.

Jide492d ago

Armchair fanboyism at it's finest *slow clap*

LightofDarkness492d ago

Is there activist fanboyism?

Rimeskeem492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

I feel the same way. Sony showed great games and a lot of true exclusives. But they were missing that bomb announcement. SotC remake is huge and the Spider-Man and Days Gone was big but they didn't have any big new IP or game announcement. They had Horizon in 2015, GoW and Days Gone in 2016, but in 2017 they didn't give any big new game like that. It's what really disappointed me especially knowing TLOU2 wasn't there and sucker punch still hasn't shown anything for a while (I'm assuming a big new IP is in the works).

PhoenixUp492d ago

You can only release so many megaton bombs at E3 every year

WickedLester492d ago

Exactly. I KNEW going into this E3 that Sony's conference would be perceived as a disappointment, simply because there was no way Sony could continue on this pace of out doing themselves every year.

Having said that, it does not change the fact that in terms of actual content, Sony has it like nobody else. As a conference Sony disappointed. However as a platform, they continue to do great work.

Nyxus492d ago

I was somewhat disappointed. I still think it was the best conference of this E3 though (so far).

Salooh492d ago

True, sucker punch would of satisfied that but the show in terms of huge exclusives has been delivered , articles just looking for drama. Consider it as a mistake from sony but what they have given us as gamers is more than enough, compared to other conferences they are way ahead.

492d ago
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