I Dream of Japan

Japan is great. One trip is all it takes to get hooked, and want to make a return trip there someday. Not everyone can afford to go back right away though. Thankfully we have videogames to remind us of the island nation.

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Einhander19711986d ago

Yes would love to go to Japan hopefully to find retro gaming gems. From the 16 bit era.

Tross1985d ago

I don't normally respond to comments, as I'm technically not supposed to, but if it's not about the article then I think it's ok. Anyways, you'd love this retro gaming shop I went to in Akihabara. It had everything. Also, NA got the short end of the stick in regards to Nintendo games and consoles as the Famicom and Super Famicom are neat looking systems and they have neat multi-coloured carts that vary from game to game. I saw a copy of Mother 2 (Earthbound), a collection of the first two final Fantasy titles on a Famicom cart and even a PS1 disc collection that had FF1-9. I didn't buy any of them as I have no means to play them, but I did take lots of pics. I just didn't include them in the article.

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