Outlast 2 Review - A Nerve-Shredding Masterpiece of Horror Design | PressA2Join

PressA2Join: From the moment that very same helicopter which had previously carried journalist couple Blake and Lynn Langermann dropped out of the night sky somewhere over the desert plains of Arizona, Outlast 2 like Outlast tirelessly sets about earning its scares. When it first released in 2013, the constricted confines of Outlast‘s supposed abandoned setting, Mount Massive Asylum provided the perfect breeding ground for hysteria, lunacy and unbridled suffering; a terror that reporter Miles Upshur and I would endure to the very end. Still, in spite of the ballsy reporter’s voluntary and then involuntary cascade into a hellish madness, nothing would prepare me for the terror that awaited one cameraman in his search for his beloved, deep in America’s terrifying Southwest.

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eShop Game Sale: Features Games From ININ Games, Jackbox Games, Digerati, TREVA & More

Daily Video Game writes: "eShop has just launched a new game sale that offers great discounts on numerous games from several publishers right now, including ININ Games, Digerati, TREVA, UIG Entertainment, Forever Entertainment, Jackbox Games, and many more for Nintendo Switch gamers!"

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The 10 Best Horror Games That Are Not Resident Evil

From Xfire: "The name Resident Evil is synonymous with horror games at this point. The series is basically what gave birth to the entire horror genre. However, just because Resident Evil games are some of the best horror games around, doesn't mean that only the games within the franchise are noteworthy horror games."

smashman981110d ago

Is the article picture from Until Dawn? I do not remember that in until Dawn at all. Truly Haunting.

Kakashi Hatake1110d ago

It's actually Man of Medan. I believe it has the same developers as Until Dawn.


PlayStation Indies promotion returns to PlayStation Store

Discover something different with a huge selection of fascinating titles now discounted for a limited time.

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blackblades1113d ago

Got bladed fury, apparently its been on steam since 2018. Might have to start playing with steam for these types games.