6 More Spooky Horror Games to Play on Halloween

Matthew Owen from Super Gamesite 64 says..."Halloween is right around the corner, so play these six spooky games to celebrate! It's time to get into the spirit of the season."

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Army_of_Darkness1215d ago

Would have been epic if EA released an HD collection of dead space 1-3 just before Halloween!

RevXM1215d ago

I guess what you really mean is a remake/remaster bundle running at modern resolutions like 4K/UHD and maybe improved framerate over the original console release, and yes I'd love that as well.


Until Dawn Remake PS5 Screenshots Reportedly Leaked

Leaked screenshots from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Ballistic Moon's upcoming remake of Until Dawn have reportedly emerged.

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Battlestar233d ago

Doesn't look any different to the ps4 version. Hope it's not another lazy Sony remaster a.k.a remake.

Andy_Dee3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Wrong, they even showed it on the last State of Play and I just played it the month before since I wanted to go back to it.

It does look better and more cleaned up, it's not a remake at least what they said. They said remaster so this article is wrong from the info I've heard.

Until Dawn is getting remastered to coincide with the live-action movie.




So not a Lazy remake and yes it looks better! :)

CrimsonWing693d ago

It’s pretty different looking.

Neonridr3d ago

I'm sure it's a fair upgrade seeing as it's UE5 now. That being said, the original was not ugly by any stretch and I can't fully understand the need to remake this other than a cash grab to coincide with the movie that is coming eventually.

Crows903d ago

Please point to me to a lazy remake?

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Hedstrom3d ago

A good game, had some fps troubles on ps4. So hopefully thats ironed out with some better looking graphics.

solideagle3d ago

I think Sony should rename PlayStation to RemakeStation. I am a Playstation fan but this is getting ridiculous. I think this is the weakest gen software-wise compared to all other gen.

PS2 > PS3 > PS1 > PS4 > PS5

Battlestar233d ago

Agreed. Sony has released only remasters/remakes of games and noting new. MS has released so many new games i don't have the time to name the all.

solideagle3d ago

I have never owned or cared about Xbox, so I don't have any opinion about that. if you say that MS has released then I believe you I guess

Terry_B3d ago

Ratchet & Clank, Spider-Man 2, Gran Turismo 7, Helldivers 2 , Horizon Forbidden West to name a couple.

And what Microsoft released in the last couple of years was way beyond the league of those listed games.

MrNinosan3d ago

Ratchet & Clank, Returnal, Spider-Man 2, Gran Turismo 7, Helldivers 2, God of War Ragnarök, Horizon Forbidden West to mention a few of the good ones.
Then everything on PSVR2.
Then we have the bad ones, like Destruction AllStars and medium ones like Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

On top of that, there are lots of third party games.

Compare that to MS.
Redfall, MS Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon 5, Forza Motorsport, Starfield, HiFi Rush. Did I miss anything?

Now lets compare the games, and see which console had the best start this generation.

solideagle3d ago

I think Sony should have abandoned the PS4. we have not seen true PS5 potential yet. where are those games that would load Assets from SSD where the character is looking <-- Mark Cerny

I hope all new games from Sony Studios are PS5 only from now...

CrimsonWing693d ago

What’s worse is this gen is almost over, if you can believe it.

staticall3d ago

I completely agree with you. At first it was like «Hey, so cool, i've never played this game and it's getting a remake, means it'll be much better!» but now it's «Come on, i was just playing that, it still looks and plays just fine». I want to play new games, try new experiences, hear new stories from new characters. It's like gaming companies have hired George Lucas as a consultant or something.

> MS has released so many new games i don't have the time to name the all
Suuuuuuuure, dude. Come on, be real.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro3d ago

Looks like the PS4 version. Lol, that'd be 70 bucks.

Machina2d ago

Cheap and quick way to fill in the release calendar in-between major new games - that's why pretty much all the major publishers have been doing it.