Code Vein Will Have "Unique" Style That Is Neither Anime Nor Realistic; Footage Due in May

The developers of Code Vein have strived hard to craft a unique art style that is neither anime nor realistic. New footage will arrive in May.

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ccgr2054d ago

Reminds me of Nier Autmata

2053d ago
masterfox2054d ago

Is Neither Anime ?, *sees characters faces* , of course is not "anime".

Festano2054d ago

Looks both to me - anime characters and realistic environments

Kashima2054d ago

Xbone? this game is too japanese for them.

Nu2053d ago

I'm surprised they don't pixelate blood

2053d ago
rdgneoz32053d ago

xbone is just speculation till the announce platforms. The past games from the God Eater team have come to PS4 and just recently to PC. It's not hard to port it to the xbone, but it is whether they think it'll actually sell on it.

KaiPow2053d ago

I hope it's less anime than, say, Freedom Wars. That was a cool concept that leaned a little too heavily on its anime roots.

Rangerman12082053d ago

Same thing with God Eater.

WildArmed2053d ago

Didn't stop Freedom Wars from being one of the best darn games on the Vita!

Though I really like the cell shaded art style (not so Borderlands, but more like Prince of Persia.. yes, the bad reboot one).

I do wish games would move away from a plain anime artstyle, esp when you games lik Valkriya Chronicles are doing such a nice mix.

TheGamez1002053d ago

This looks like if god eater and soul sacrifice had a baby.

Alexious2053d ago

Supposedly it's God of Eater meets Dark Souls.

Rangerman12082053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Why? Is the reason why is it like Dark Souls is because it is dark and has the tagline that is similar to Prepare to Die? Personally, it looks more like God Eater mixed with Darksiders.

drizzom2053d ago


Its because its been said to have interconnecting explorable environments and very tough enemies.

2053d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.