Making Horizon Zero Dawn 's Machines feel like living creatures

Horizon Zero Dawn 's Machines are clearly automatons, with all their inner workings plainly visible. But they also also exhibit unmistakable�animal-like behaviors and movements.

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UCForce1514d ago

These machines feel like living creatures.

Ceaser98573611514d ago

Can't wait to see the new machines GG is working for HZD expansion.. The animation & behaviour/movement of these machines were Top Notch...

Ceaser98573611513d ago

Those disagrees, lmao! Another company's fan kids can't digest the amount of praise and exclusivesss PlayStation is getting..

Abnor_Mal1514d ago

Loved how the grazers and other herbivores when in alert mode would look searchingly whilst trotting in place, those actions to me made them seem very real in their behavior.

KickSpinFilter1513d ago

Just Plat'ed this game last night, Awesome game!