CD Projekt Red’s favorite PC games of all time

TechRadar writes: As TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week is all about celebrating the wonderful world of playing games on our computers, we thought "what would be better than asking the staff of one of the most respected games developers in the world what their favorite PC games are?"

That’s exactly what we did, with CD Projekt Red, the team behind the acclaimed Witcher III, taking time out of developing its eagerly awaited follow up CyberPunk 2077 to tell us about the PC games that helped inspire its staff.

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1908-PB638d ago

here I will help you guys save 6 clicks lol

Mateusz Piaskiewicz - Lead Level Designer


Kacper Niepokólczycki - Senior Environment Artist

Metal Gear Solid

Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz - Principal Narrative Designer

Gothic II

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz - Game Director

Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Jakub Szamałek - Principal Writer

Jagged Alliance 2

Doopy638d ago

Where is COD infinite warfare?

nX638d ago


Nice to see MGS & Gothic 2 being mentioned, good taste there.

iDadio638d ago

Maybe their kids are playing it with the rest of the jarheads and children :)

yeahright2638d ago

over there with halo and madden.

Nivekki638d ago Show
nX638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Haha what's wrong man, your mum gave you dick from the wrong side today?
Gothic 2 wasn't only ahead of it's time, it's still a good game in many regards. It sure was clunky and restricted by budget but there are a lot of people who think it was a special game an airhead like you certainly won't change that :D

nX637d ago

btw for anyone who thinks that Gothic was shit

It's actually one of the best games ever made, just at the wrong time with the wrong tech.

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638d ago
Yohshida638d ago

Couldnt even find it on my Phone

TheVigilanteCode638d ago

I'm on phone too and I thought I was alone. It directed me to their homepage.

kevnb638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

some interesting choices for sure, all cool games and quite diverse.

Relientk77638d ago

Thanks. I had no clue where it was, I'm on on my phone

jjj0309638d ago

I knew they were men of culture as well.

annoyedgamer638d ago

Gothic II eh? Might have to try the series out.

nX637d ago

You're way too late, unfortunately it didn't age well. One of my favourite games of all time though, wish they would remake it (with Unity, would fit perfectly )

frostypants638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

I had forgotten about the Jagged Alliance games. God they were awesome. Kinda like X-Com but not in the future, and the recruits had actual personalities. I'd love to see a new one.

BlackTar187638d ago

They have some "Newer" ones available you can check out.

BlackTar187638d ago

Jagged Alliance was such a great series

Nuvian638d ago

Gothic 2 was awesome, loved it so much, then Gothic 3 came out and crapped on the franchise.

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638d ago
637d ago
638d ago
livininsin638d ago

Jagged Alliance 2 was an amazing game!

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