Games Out This Week on Nintendo Switch

Roll up, Roll up.
Time to take a look at this week’s upcoming releases on Nintendo Switch

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Testfire1681d ago

MK8 will sell so many Switches, now they just have to manufacture enough to meet demand. I expect a near 100% attach rate on this too.

septemberindecember1681d ago

I really doubt it will receive 100% attach rate, but that would be cool for Nintendo if it does!

blawren41681d ago

definitely will not, I would be surprised if more than 50% of Wii U owners that purchased the game on Wii U will rebuy this, despite the improvements. Doesn't diminish the quality of the game though. It really is top notch and a must buy if you haven't played it before.

1681d ago
Einhander19711681d ago

Let's hope so:) with the way it's going let's hope Nintendo have some stuff for E3 that will blow us away. Keep the switch selling.

chris2351681d ago

i am not so sure that this mario 8 rehash will move many switch units.

Testfire1681d ago

So you think that all the people that wanted to play MK8 played it? You're really wrong on this one. I didn't even own a Wii U and there are many more like me who are coming back to Nintendo after years away. Not only that, but so many who did own a Wii U and play MK8 are getting it again. It seems like the only people who are doubting it are the ones who never owned a Wii U or a Switch.

blawren41681d ago

If the Wii U sold like the Wii did, then you might be right. And calling it a rehash is just oversimplification and denial that the game is really that good. Just wait and see.