The ‘Call of Duty: WW2’ Leaked Images Give A Big Hint At A PS2-Era Campaign Setting

We could be re-hashing CoD: Big Red One

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rando 2619d ago

funny how you bash "Utalkin2me" for spreading hate on Nintendo posts & here you are spreading hate on COD. you're clearly not interested in COD, so that brings us back to Utalkin2me's question. why are you even here?

Nintendo-or-Nothing2619d ago

@ TFxGod

What is this Utalkin2me second account? Right on time.
Ok. Whatever. Bashing COD? How, by saying that its to late? Um, kind of a dramic statment aye? Many have said that they have move on along time ago. Hell, dont be lazy. Read the comments yourself.

Jc952619d ago

He doesn't need a reason to be posting on this idiot, people have the right to their own opinions unless only positive opinions are aloud.

DillyDilly2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

It will be funny as hell if this ends up being a low selling game

bamillington2619d ago

i cant see it being as good as battlefield

rando 2619d ago

its do or die. it will be. plus Sledgehammer is good at campaigns.

fathertime44642619d ago

PS2 era??? WTF really. What about cod 1,2,3, and was? Big red one was only made because the x360 had cod 2!
Stupid as article

McToasty2072619d ago

The Big Red One refers to 1st Infinity Division, who were the leads of that game and did not appear in either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd CoD title, honestly maybe read the article before posting? Or I don't know have some knowledge of the topic at hand?

fathertime44642619d ago

Wow the big red one and old iron sides were two of the major forces in WW2. Honestly though, limiting a WW2 game to 1 specific army division is stupid, should do something on the lines of battlefield 1.
But ya you're correct the one game did focus on that one division. And the other games focused on more than one division, so sorry but big red 1 was an after thought and more of an add on to the original rather than a stand alone anyways

McToasty2072619d ago

We don't know if it focuses on one Division, just that the 3 screenshots shown do come from the Normandy campaign. I for one would like to see both the Pacific and European theatres and would personally prefer if we got the 3 campaign structure of yesteryear's, it was great playing as a Russian on the Eastern Front.

Also fun fact CoD 2 itself was a complete after thought, Infinity Ward back in the day were very adamant that Call of Duty would be a one off, they wanted to make a Modern Warfare shooter immediately afterwards. It was only because Activision said they had to make a sequel they did and so they used the time as an excuse to get up to scratch with the then Next Gen console hardware.

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Call Of Duty On Game Pass Is A Big Risk Big Reward Gamble

Discover the impact of Microsoft's decision to include Call Of Duty in Game Pass. Explore the pros and cons and speculate about future changes.

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Elda36d ago

Most folks that have a Gamepass subscription will not spend the $70, they will use Gamepass instead to play COD. MS will most likely make their money from some solely PC players & some solely PS5 owners. Even some PC players may opt to use Gamepass instead of spending $70. I would think MS would want to make every dime they could from retail sales. As long as they put new releases of COD day one on Gamepass, MS will lose out on some sales of COD.

porkChop36d ago

COD makes truck loads of money on microtransactions. That's likely the play. Get more people in the door through Game Pass and sell more microtransactions. Have a steady stream of events to keep people interested so they keep their sub, and then just the sub alone would double the revenue from that player each year.

Elda36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Buying the game at $70 a pop including the deluxe versions is much better than people subs for a dollar to $15 a month. Die hard fans that usually buy the game also buy into the transactions. Again putting any new COD day one on Gamepass is definitely a sure loss of making some retail money for every copy of COD. With the last iteration of COD being bad most likely people are going to sub to Gamepass to play COD basically saving themselves $70, that is a loss of retail sales.

anast35d ago

Makes sense