COD: WWII Leak Blowout - Normandy Setting, Co-Op Standalone Story, Private Beta for Pre-Orders

Sledgehammer's Call of Duty: WWII got a ton of leaks today, such as the setting, cooperative standalone story and private beta for pre-orders.

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Aurenar2497d ago

Normandy again? Always the same stuff....Activision, go figure.

Rimeskeem2497d ago

Honestly, I really want another Normandy mission with improved tech (new graphics and such). As weird as it is, I want to know what it was like on that beach when shit went down.

nucky642496d ago

I don't think any game could ever make anyone understand what kind of hell that was.

T2X2496d ago

Actually, if you really want to know what it might have been like, go watch Saving Private Ryan's opening scenes. That is (Or so they say) is the most realistic representation of what it may have been like to be there. And maybe magnify that by 100 or so. To be on that beach was nearly certain death in the first 20 minutes of the operation. The enemy was waiting for them and very entrenched. Bad stuff.

SixFragz2496d ago

Wanna know what shit was like on that beach when shit went down? Watch Saving Private Ryan.

Of course, we are talking about Call of Duty, the reigning king of unoriginality. Expect to see a Normandy sequence that resembles the opening 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.

By the way, did no one see the resemblance between the poster for this game and the poster for Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway? Like I said, unoriginal. CODBots will be too blind to notice these layers of originality anyway.

If this game does try to do something fresh and innovating with WWII than they've already done, then I will be impressed. Until I see some actual gameplay, and not an overly flamboyant, exuberant trailer with some out of place hip hop music, I will have my reservations.

If the game is running of the same engine and tech though, I expect to see the same arcade type gameplay with a WWII backdrop. And there have been a lot of WWII focused media that didn't have to put "WWII" in their title to be realistic, gritty experiences. Sledgehammer and Activision are being quite bold by simply naming the game WWII, so they better live up to the hype that they are trying to sell and do WWII some justice, and treat it with the weightiness and grittiness it deserves and not the glorified, Hollywood action experience.

That is all. Have a good day everyone.

quenomamen2496d ago

U do realize COD games been running on same old engine forecer right?

Rimeskeem2496d ago


Of course I've watched Saving Private Ryan :). Prolly in my top 5 movies. But I want to experience the adrenaline of interacting with the experience. Shit blowing up around me and all-- without getting PTSD.

DrumBeat2496d ago

My grandfather was there. He told me about it quite a lot before he died, but I want to play it in a video game, in the most authentic way possible.

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Sitdown2496d ago

Your life is not on the line, you will never experience that adrenaline

zerocarnage2495d ago

If done correctly I'm down for it, but only if the game is made correctly and not have it claimed as an American victory, when in reality because of the large scale loss of life there was no victory and Americans weren't the only nationals on that beach.

So long as they get it rite, i think that during the game it swaps between soldiers and units from different countrys, giving a different take from every nationality who fought in Normandy.

It should be made more like a documentary, bit like band of brothers TV show were done.

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AnubisG2496d ago


When was the last time we got a game that had D-Day for a mission in it? 10+ years or so? What is the problem?

At least now Activision and SH listened to what fans wanted and it was a new WWII CoD as everyone was tired of the futuristic setting and jetpacks and people wanted CoD to go back to it's roots.

zerocarnage2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

So long as when the game is made it isn't Americanised, what i mean by that is if it's like americans claiming Normandy was all about them. I'll be very mad if they do that as I'm British and my grandad fought in Normandy who is now dead but he survived the beach but R.I.P to all those who gave there lives and there were many different nationalities who sacrificed alot in the fight against the germans. especially on normandy.

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DafunkyRebel2496d ago

It's WW2 dumbass, Normandy happened. What did you expect, for them to land in China?

The 10th Rider2496d ago

There was conflict in China during WW2. The Japanese were already at war in China and the Chinese government flooded the Yellow River in order to try and stop the Japanese. For 9 years they let it flood and killed nearly a million people. Although I think it'd make a poor setting, it'd make for some interesting multiplayer maps (or a 'war story' from Battlefield.)

The invasion of Normandy didn't even begin until nearly 5 years after the war had started. The early German invasions of Poland, France, and Denmark would certainly make for interesting material. Rather than the story revolving around invading and taking territory, the story would involve trying to hold ground, fall back, and maybe sabotage missions in German occupied cities. How cool would it be to have a mission that takes place trying to escape from German occupied Warsaw or Paris?

Of course there's also the brutal Eastern front with Russia. A story set on the Eastern front could show the atrocities committed by both sides, and could revolve on an everyday soldier who's just trying to survive in the middle of a conflict between two massive, unrelenting forces that hold no regard for each individual soldier's life.

Of course there were also conflicts going on in the Middle East and Africa that could present interesting maps, although less potential for a story.

In Italy, Mussolini sided with the Nazis because at the end of the war he wanted to be on the winning side Obviously he was wrong and it actually led to civil war within Italy. Although smaller in scale, it would make for an incredibly interesting setting for a WW2 game.

There's also the Pacific theater, with the US against Japan. This would be a fascinating setting and would have huge story potential. The conflicts in the pacific theater were especially brutal. The story could begin with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and it could follow a battalion of soldiers making their way through the Pacific conflicts, such as Wake Island, Guam, Midway, Singapore, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Saipan, and finally the gory Okinawan conflict. It could portray the kamikaze attacks, the seppuku and suicide of Japanese soldiers. The story could end after capturing Okinawa, with the Allied soldiers morbidly looking onto an even gorier and deadlier invasion of the Japanese mainline. Then the atom bombs could be dropped and everyone would breathe a sigh of relief realizing that the war was finally over. It'd be a perfect setting.

Overall Normandy isn't a bad setting, it's just overused when it comes to WW2 and so many other conflicts often fall by the wayside. I hope there's a reassurance of WW2 games and more stories from WW2 can be told.

Drakul2496d ago

It is worse than seeing Deathstar almost every single SW movie.....

USMC_POLICE2496d ago

Well they just innovated with infinite warefare and that didn't go so well with fans. We have not had a decent WW2 game in almost a decade, it's time for a comeback. With the success of BF1 it's clear people want historical shooters again.

FinalFantasyFanatic2496d ago

This is what I hate about the series, rehashing the same events, they could have chosen a different war. But COD players often whinge about change/lack of change. Personally I was enjoying the last few sci-fi-ish games.

Erik73572496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

COD has its market. Don't expect it to want a different market.

alexgibson2496d ago

@T2X actually, the Germans were not well entrenched. The Atlantic defense was poorly manned. A few MGs and shore battrty vs an entire aramada of allied shipping. Most beaches were taken fairly easily. Certainly nothing like Okinawa. Americans in the Pacific theatre of operation had it far worse vs the Japs.

Profchaos2495d ago

No the same thing would be exoskeletons and guns that can see through walls. It's no longer the same thing when cod hadn't had a ww2 game since 2008

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UCForce2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

A standalone co op story, now that the one I want to hear.

Festano2497d ago

Me too, but I wonder if that means no zombies

korea092496d ago

Proabably? But maybe its nice to have something bew for a change. But maybe the standalone co op story is zombies story lol

Erik73572496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Co op is nice but dont expect this to be a master piece

You need a game for the casual market why would they want to lose that? Not a single shooter I think could replace cod in that market. IF you dont think its casual what If you had to pick a casual shooter what would you pick? You know its COD. They know there is a huge chunk of gaming market that literally gets basically madden and COD every year. They know they cant make something like Bioshock because its to much for that market. It really is a different type of gamer. Sure it might be a little more interesting because of decline in sales of it being so bad but dont expect the co op story to be in-depth to something like the new Prey, or Bioshocks. And thats a given since its multiplayer focused but even then Halo 2-3 was multiplayer focused but still had a compelling campaign at the same time.

They know many casuals play it and they know casuals love something thats simple, similar,and also quick and fast to get into. You may have gamers like you who play a bunch of other games that aren't like considered "casual" but your not the majority of the ones who buy that game. I think you can acknowledge there is a huge chunk that just buys COD and sport games and thats it.

They have plenty of other games that feel the need for someone wanting a more rich experience while COD can get the mass market for all the gamers who just want something simple,easy to get into, and something they know. Just don't torture yourself and put yourself with the expectations of this being a game changing type of game or a rich experience. At one point it was that but now that its established and bought by the masses its something along the lines of a fast and furious movie with the strategy of not making a amazing high quality game but one that satisfies the basic needs of a gamer/movie goer who just wants to see the same crap.

PhoenixUp2497d ago

Co-op campaign sounds serviceable

Concertoine2496d ago

Kind of ridiculous how WaW had co-op in 2008 and no game since in the series has.

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