Samsung Gear VR With Controller Is Out Now

More than 20 Gear VR videogame titles that are compatible with the controller are available from the Oculus Store, including titles such as Drop Dead, A Night Sky and SingSpace. More than 50 titles are also due to be released in coming months which will all feature controller support.

morganfell2506d ago

Put my order in a few days ago when my 8+ arrived and was approved. Dropped $99 for the additional AKG Headphones and 256MB EVO card as well. Currently in the US the offer, which ended on 4/20 is sold out.


Sure is sold out and I'm pissed cause I'm still waiting on my S8 so I can register for the deal. Now all I can get is the free VR

morganfell2506d ago

Well the ear buds that come with the S8+ are probably the same ones with the S8. They are AKG buds and far superior to the cheap crap that comes with most phones. My 8+ is the best phone I have ever owned. Bixby though will not be available until late summer.

MrFisher212506d ago

Hurry up Note 8. I'm ready.

ShadowKnight2506d ago

Can't wait for my S8. Getting the free Vr and $100 ecertificate


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