Randy Pitchford Suggests Call Of Duty WWII Art Was Stolen From Brothers In Arms

GameRevolution: "Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford posted an image on Twitter just moments ago showing the Call of Duty WWII box art alongside official art from Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, a game similarly set in the World War 2 era that released in 2008. The images are strikingly similar, with both soldiers bearing military headgear, muddied skin, a distraught stare, and even dog tags."

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CarlosX3602584d ago

Sounds like he wants Activision's money. By all means, Pitchford, dig your own grave. You could've just asked.

Nitrowolf22584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I think this is Rich hearing it from him
I won't deny that they both have very strikingly familiar Arts, but I can't help but laugh at the person who's calling it out


4Sh0w2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )


Great post bro, its really, really funny coming Randy Pitchford when you see that he has been involved in 2 cases where it's clear they copied other designers work, lol in 1 case they actually directly "lifted" an artist art work without telling him or giving him any ccredit.

Yes this COD WWII looks similar but they are different enough as well, I mean mostly what's similar is because their BOTH a closeup of a soldiers face with dog tags in hand, their appearance and headgear are different though.

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Patriot4Life2583d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kryptix2583d ago

They should go after Jay-Z next:
According to Pitchforks, Gearbox invented the pose.

boomtube19872583d ago

since Co4 when the CoD craze began. It has dominated sales every year. Except the year a new GTA was released. Sure, some years it hasnt been good as the last year like in the case of Infinite warfare but it still sold more than anyother game. They say franchise is dying for the last 7 years but that is still yet to be seen.

Rappers, pop stars, movie stars and footballers all love CoD. As long as there is a console and a controller. CoD will survive. The geek nerds with there mouse and keyboards, sword wielding RPG, indie lovers and anti masculine gamers will always hate on CoD.

Get used to it. CoD WW2 will outsell any other game this year Period.

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Yo Mama2584d ago

Jesus Christ, COD. You're already Fudging up and it's not even been shown off yet!

Patriot4Life2583d ago

What did they mess up on exactly?

Some times I wonder if people hate COD because its the hipster thing to do or because it's enjoyed by millions.

Zachmo1822583d ago

No, people hate on COD because it's straight up garbage. It's the same shit every year with different skins.

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Sharky2312583d ago

You could probably say this about every box art based on ww2.

JasonKCK2583d ago

"Take the last 5 C.O.Ds put them side by side and play them and no one in there right mind would say they look and play the same. Its not even close. GTFO"

Thar's because the last 3 played like Titanfall and Halo.

quenomamen2583d ago

Or cuz its become a stale turd. Mickey dees is also enjoyed by millions, doesn't make it a good restaurant.

X-232583d ago

People hate CoD because the ones who actually used to enjoy it have come to the realization that Activision just took a good thing and ran it into the ground...something Activision has a good history of doing with any franchise or ip that was ever worth its salt.

Its got nothing to do with being a "Hipster".

4Sh0w2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

CoD is fine, nothing state of the art but its an addctive twitch shooter. When are people going to learn they don't own gaming, gaming is for many different types of people so just because you either hate CoD or you're an elitist type gamer who thinks you're soooooooo much better than gamers not looking for a deep story campaign or lengthy rpg, etc, does NOT mean you're having MORE FUN than those who like CoD.

Remember at the end of the day fun is the ONLY reason to play games, so who cares how much it's like past CoD's? lol, CoD gamers don't want a completely different game every year anyway, the new theme, maps, weapons, story, etc are just enough to switch things up without breaking the formula. Listen, I play all sorts of games, many of which I think as a *single experience(1 playthrough) are much better games but VERY few are better to pick up and play after a hard day's work all year long than the fun twitch shooter gameplay multiplayer that is CoD.

lol, the truth is, I don't like the Japenese rpg's, nah I pretty much hate 'em, yet I NEVER find the time or motivation to go to those threads to enlighten rpg fans why many gamers like myself think they really do suck, pffft silly storylines, boring gameplay, lol I know, Im craxy right?....No I just realize its not my cup of tea.

Seriously people can hate on CoD all they want, call those who buy it fools, and keep telling themselves they are sooooo much better than CoD fans but it's no accident that every year the game just sells like hotcakes= it's fun, more than that one of the few fun games that a diverse population if gamers can play over and over again.

SixFragz2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )


"What did they mess up on exactly?" I know you're begging for an answer to this question, so I will answer it for you.

They already showcased their lack of originality and creativeness by creating an almost carbon copy of the Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway poster. I'm surprised that you're surprised, because any level headed gamer would have known that any semblance of originality and creativeness in the CoD series has been lost a long time ago.

Of course though, people would rather be blissfully blind to the fact that their beloved franchise has gone stale a very long time ago, and that CoD was way past its expiration date a very long time ago.

Judging from the amount of agrees that pro CoD comments get, to the ratio of agrees anti CoD comments get, it's safe to say that there is a plentiful, albeit unhealthy amount of CoD droids that exist.

As a former CoD fan, I respect those who are able to be partial as myself, and keep it as real and honest as myself.

I understand that people have gotten too attached to Call of Dookie that it hurts them to let go. Just let go. Once you do, you will be freed from the hypnosis that Activision and all of the CoD developers have put you under. Once you break this malevolent spell and regain control of your mind, you will be able to see things as clearly as the ones who were once CoD fans and are true enough to admit that CoD has gone to poo.

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iDadio2582d ago

The CoD fan base has changed over the years and so has the games to suit. Obviously I enjoyed the popular times of mw1 and WaW maybe even bo1 but my fave cod games are the earlier ones. Don't even want to know how much time I spent on rifle only cod2 servers.

Since then the game has got more gimmicky with each iteration and unnecessarily complex with way to much microtransaction aesthetics and too many perks and the whole wall running and stuff is to cater for new age fans - k98 battles are a sweet sweet memory now, ah well I enjoy BF more than cod lately anyway it's stale.

TheColbertinator2584d ago

I didn't know Gearbox had exclusive rights to WW2

XXanderXX2583d ago

Not the war but the image used​ in marketing and all items related.

morganfell2583d ago

It isn't the image they claim was lifted, it was the pose. What's next? Can't hold a rifle because some other game did it?

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EatCrow2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. They can't copy right a pose or composition... Or maybe you can but I don't think they did.

Geoff9002583d ago

You can't really copyright imagery of WW11, there a tons of pictures, films, games and books etc including pictures from the era using similar artworks to that era.

Gearbox has no leg to stand on.

Vegamyster2583d ago


It's a pose, unless assets are copied over there is nothing wrong with this. The movie industry does it all the time.




XXanderXX2583d ago

Copyright Information for Artists: How Copyright Laws Protect Your Art

Copyright laws for visual artists are pretty simple. . . so if you’ve been worried about your artwork being copied without your permission, or you’re not exactly sure how to use the copyright symbol ( © ) next to your art, the following paragraphs should help.

First off, the moment you create ANYTHING visual—paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, etc—the only person who is allowed to copy that art is you. If you decide to sell prints of one of your paintings, you can. If anyone else does, without your written permission, you have the right to take them to court and sue for damages.
In fact, copyright laws are so strong that your family or legal heirs will still own the copyright to your artwork until 70 years after your death.

Photography Copyright Laws
Photographs are among the range of creative works protected by copyright, whether taken by a professional or an amateur. As with other creative works, photos are legally copyrighted when committed to a "tangible form." This includes digital forms that require the use of a machine -- like a computer -- to view them


Think Pitchford might right .............................. .........

morganfell2583d ago

"So are you and @TheColbertinator just stupid..??? Do you guys not understand how copy right laws works when it comes to using imagery and marketing..?"

Oh the irony...the irony!

morganfell2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

BTW - Everyone should be advised I just copyrighted giving a thumbs up and the OK symbol. By this evening I will have filed paperwork to copyright canting my head in different directions, flipping the bird, and the act of jumping to conclusions.

OutcastMosquito2582d ago

The image from gear box is similar but NOT the same. Nothing wrong with that.