Microsoft's Adam Isgreen confirms Phantom Dust on Xbox One won't feature original 480p rendering

Adam Isgreen, a creative director at Microsoft Studios responsible for publishing Phantom Dust, revealed some interesting details about the game’s visuals on NeoGAF today. history of the project.

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Gazondaily2047d ago

I think some people are actually quite sad about this news 🙈 🤣

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Sam Fisher2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

To remember and feel the authenticity, like the mc collection i believe (ps4 here), i thought that was awesome when you can just change the graphics with a press of a button. I think more remakes should do that

xHeavYx2047d ago

Lol nice to see you back to "normal", Septic

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gangsta_red2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

So waitaminute...i'm confused because earlier I mentioned that 480p was a rumor and i was told by the many in depth analysts that can be trusted with all things Xbox here on n4g that 480p was true.

So was the article at ICXM true? Because i kept being told ICXM was not to be trusted according to the replies from the many, MANY Xbox fans in that article.

So is PD in 480p or not?! I swear MS sends out too many mixed signals and 180s and is such a shady company and cant be trusted.


Gazondaily2047d ago

Lots of crow to serve there. Look at the excitement of the fanboys 😂😂😂

Let's all come on that link and point and laugh at every single PS fanboy basically celebrating there. There are quite a few 😂😂🤣

christocolus2047d ago

"Lots of crow to serve there. Look at the excitement of the fanboys 😂😂😂&qu ot;

Lmao XD. It's so embarrassing. They were so quick to troll and now they look so stupid. Lol

uptownsoul2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )


Well the original people saying it was 480p weren't wrong at the time. Dust was going to be that resolution. Microsoft just went back and rightfully changed it from 480p to 1080p

[source]: 1st sentence of the last paragraph of linked article: ' Well, today we finally got an answer! Isgreen said that “there’s a very good reason Shannon said what she did about original rendering, but it’s no longer true”. It seems as if Microsoft was planning on releasing the game at 480p when they initially envisioned the project but now it features an improved resolution.'

So people weren't wrong a couple months back (specifically this post: ) when they talked about it. But I agree that anybody should be ashamed if they dont look at this as 100% GOOD news

[I love that people disagree with me even though I quote the actual article, verbatim]

gangsta_red2047d ago

Envisioning usually means imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

So maybe the intial thought from MS might have been to release the original game but at that time since then we had info stating that MS was retooling the game.

So the game releasing in 480p might have been on paper originally but not executed.

uptownsoul2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )


Look at Isgreen's quote: "“there’s a very good reason Shannon said what she did about original rendering, but it’s no longer true” ...If you remember Shannon [Loftis] tweeted Phantom Dust would have "original graphics, original rendering" (source: )

Isgreen also said "its no longer true"..which means it was, at one point in time, true. But that Microsoft changed course and bumped up the resolution

Hope this clears up your confusion

SaltyyBae2047d ago


I think you might want to read this quote before calling others stupid.

"Isgreen said that “there’s a very good reason Shannon said what she did about original rendering, but it’s no longer true”.

No longer true NOW, initially it was. Bu bu people were stupid..

DigitalRaptor2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

@ Uptownsoul

My god, this dude just can't stand being wrong, can he? It's got to be the Sony fanbois fault... LOL. Well, this is surely good news. Happy to see that they've actually gone beyond the port of call and released it at an industry standard resolution.

@ Septic

It's mostly people laughing at the possibility of this being true, considering how ludicrous it would have been. Sounds like MS saw the reaction, and changed their plans.

Gazondaily2047d ago


Lol I'm still pointing and laughing! 🤣😂

JasonKCK2047d ago

Ouch for the crow eaters. Use herbs and spices.

Kribwalker2047d ago

"DigitalRaptor62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Remake, becomes remaster, becomes port. Microsoft really are now lowering the budgets for their game releases. Does this mean it will be 480p on the Scorpio too, or sparse rendered to 4K?"

Yep you sure were pretty vocal when the rumour was out there, now you are wrong, and you are spinning

DigitalRaptor2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

@ Septic

Fantastic. Seems you weren't preparing crow or even pointing and laughing at others in that article. In fact you were having a bit of a joke yourself. Care to make up your mind, the spin is a bit dizzying.

@ Kribwalker

Yes.... laughing and joking at a situation I thought was funny seems pretty vocal to me too. 😉

There was no "rumour" of 480p. It was originally going to render at 480p release as confirmed by GM of Xbox Studios and nothing in that article suggested otherwise. Microsoft changed their mind, clearly after seeing how stupid that would have been... no spin present or required. MS has performed a greater degree of spin in this instance than me, dude. Saying I'm wrong and I'm spinning is the equivalent of saying a teacher was wrong for doubting a kid's ability to perform in their finals at school because they were lazy and never turned up to class or studied, but ended up doing well. Nope, the kid just got his act together.

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uptownsoul2047d ago


You wouldn't be confused if you READ the linked article (specifically the last paragraph)...

The 1st sentence of the last paragraph says: ' Well, today we finally got an answer! Isgreen said that “there’s a very good reason Shannon said what she did about original rendering, but it’s no longer true”. It seems as if Microsoft was planning on releasing the game at 480p when they initially envisioned the project but now it features an improved resolution.'

I wish you and others would STOP just reading the headline & START reading the whole article before you comment

gangsta_red2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Again, uptown, we already had info prior saying that the game would NOT be in 480p.

That the assets may be original but MS would be retooling them in a way that it would be higher.

Envisioning doesnt mean it was happening when production and development actually started.

I did read the article, i also read the article before this one where the rumor started and said that the game wouldnt be in 480p.

uptownsoul2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )


Yes the rumor THAT Shannon Loftis STARTED with this tweet:

Again it was Shannon Loftis who tweeted "original graphics, original rendering" (source: ). And since the original game was rendered in 480p. That is where everybody got that info.

Either way, I'm glad that Microsoft decided to make it better than the original rendering

gangsta_red2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Shannon may have started the rumor but it was later debunked. The info was already present that this game would be at a higher res as i pointed out in another article.

We even had this tweet earlier this year...

It was known since then and the other article i linked that the game would be using original assets but rendering in a higher resolution.

The info present had already disproven what people assumed from Shannon's tweet long ago.

So i have to wonder why some folks didnt have that info but still ran with what Shannon said and assumed it would be in 480p?

(Even though Shannon never actually said it would be in 480p in that tweet either which is interesting also)

Either way yes, its good to see this game on track...even though i would rather have a brand new sequel.

PistolsAtDawn2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

"You wouldn't be confused if you READ the linked article (specifically the last paragraph)... "

Right, but that would have killed the narritive he was trying to spin about MS being shady and doing tons of 180's. Like almost always, whenever someone says MS is sending mixed signals or doing 180's, really what they are saying is that they themselves are uninformed. Prime example, the cloud...even til today there are still people that are openly ignorant about it (and are quoting sources that aren't MS as a "MS statement"). MS has ALWAYS been very open that they are excited about the possibilities to use cloud processing to enhance games, BUT they have always been up front about the fact that it wouldn't be immediate to realize the full potential of the tech itself. Yet fanboys ran with 3rd party reports saying that cloud power was supposed to immediately make X1's 3xs stronger....which MS NEVER said it would happen immediately and were always clear that it could take a while. Then fanboys took it upon themselves to ASSUME that meant 3xs the power straight towards graphics, something else MS never said. So far I've been happy with the things the cloud has done with driveatars and I am very excited about the potential of Crackdown 3 using it to help with physics in the game...I'm also excited to see the tech grow and expand. Hell, I'm jsut happy that the Azure servers provide the best way to play online games period. But if you only listened to fanboys about this, the tech has already failed, MS lied and did 180's...meaning either they are ignorant of the facts and/or they are intentionally trying to sling mud in a propaganda-style attempt to attack the "wrong console" for having potential that the "right console" currently does not have.

Edit: WOW...less than a second after hitting the submit button I have a downvote...clearly I hurt the feelings of someone that IRONICALLY didn't even read what I wrote.

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TFJWM2047d ago

What is there to be confused about? They were going to release it at 480p but then either the interest in it or the blacklash of saying it was going to be 480p caused them to up the rez...

PistolsAtDawn2047d ago

Well you see, here on N4G, fanboys need to find ANYTHING to complain about (esp in regards to MS)....yes that even includes improvements. Certain fanboys were REALLY excited about the possibility to troll hard about a game being 480p, and that was suddenly ripped away from them. They need to get that out of their system before Scorpio arrives and they need to switch their talking points.

KenichiEbina2047d ago


"fanboys need to find ANYTHING to complain about"

Sounds rich coming from you.

ThatGuyDart2047d ago

I have no say on the original topic but regardless that ICXM is site with a bad rep for a reason. That site is admittedly filled with irrational bias and shouldn't be taken seriously.

modelgod2047d ago

Relax....PD is going to be a GREAT game!

PFFT2047d ago

It is. Had a blast with it back in the day.

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quent2047d ago

I myself got downvoted for pointing out the obvious, that 480p won't cut it and m$ knows it, but people still were bashing on the game because of a lame rumor over this 480p nonsense

Tussin1872047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I get what your saying but if things would have been clear from the beginning then none of this would have happened. What so hard about telling us the resolution of the game. Holding back news of the resolution served what purpose?

MS has been really secretive with this game. It would seem like you would want it out there to promote it but hey what do I know.

No disagree from me.

Patriot4Life2047d ago ShowReplies(2)
EatCrow2047d ago

There is a lot of bashing of MS no matter the topic. Could be BC feature. Game pass. Digital refunds. Bringing games to pc. Bringing a more powerful console. Etc. Bashing all the time. It's not gonna ever be any different even if they announced 10 new exclusives. The bashing would probably go something... Like... Well with MS track record they're probably not any good etc etc and they don't interest me etc etc.

Godz Kastro2047d ago

Well when the scorpio drops a lot of these cats that have been talking wreckless this gen might want to find a new site to post their opinion. Most of these guys come off looking like fools. I just skip by foolish comments now a days.

Im an xbox guy but respect Sony. I want them all to thrive. I bought a switch and love it. I want a ps pro at some point so i can play any exclusives that doesnt come to their streaming service.

Lets root for the industry and the big three as a whole. Well.... If you are a gamer and want to see the industry move forward we should root for them all.

The 10th Rider2047d ago

I don't even own an Xbox or give two S**** about the game, but I got disagrees for reporting that the story type for the original article calling it 480p was, at best, a rumor. LOL.

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