Xbox - June 2017 Games with Gold

Play together with Xbox Live Gold. June's 2017 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Speedrunners and Watch Dogs. Bonus DLC for Phantom Dust on Xbox One as well. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), June kicks off with Assassin's Creed III, followed by Dragon Age: Origins. June's lineup provides over $94 dollars in value and up to 4000 gamerscore.

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kopko514d ago

Man what a month, love it!

uptownsoul514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

As of the writing of this comment (12 noon, eastern time, on Tues May 23rd) Xbox has taken down the June 2017 Games w/Gold youtube video...I'm sure it'll be back up, but I thought it was just weird that they took the video down. Maybe somebody posted it too early.

EDIT at 12:03 eastern time the video is back up

Septic514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

GWG really delivering recently. Better keep it up MS

Sono421513d ago

Microsoft has actually been crushing it with gwg! Really stepping it up! Every month you're like okay we've had a lot of good months this next one has to disappoint, but then they deliver again! It's nuts!

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XanderZane514d ago

Another decent month. I don't have AC 3, so I'll get that game. Will check out Speed Runners as well. Already own the other 2 games.

Prince_TFK513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Just Watch Dog alone make this a great month for Xbox one owners. Also Dragon Age Origins is the best DA in the series. I have never been fond of AC3, but still a great addition to the service nonetheless.

RommyReigns513d ago

A very strong month for GwG, hopefully PS+ follows suit for the gamers on E3 month, but not holding my breath on it.

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Batman-Force514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Xbox Live keeps adding more value to the service

GamesMaster1982514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Now this is a good month for xbox. I bet us ps players get garbage as per usual

Specter229514d ago

Why would you start that argument? You make us look bad when your first response is to flame PlayStation.

WilliamSheridan514d ago

It's called honesty... I have both, and despite a few good games on PS, it's mostly better on Xbox

GamesMaster1982514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Because its the truth

EazyC514d ago

I only have PS4 and I'm jealous af. Good job they're delivering on the new release front I guess, because their online service is utter wank in comparison.

Specter229514d ago

Lmao I misread the original comment anyway. Either way free games are free games and they can't all be winners. I actually am not looking forward to these games. I've had Origins and AC3 since release so I won't be playing those and Watch Dogs ... I'd rather chew on my boot than play that game again. As for speed runners ... I dunno could be good ... could be crap.

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rebeljoe14514d ago

You know the real reason they pump out all these old games for you is because they have nothing else good to offer

nativegoku514d ago

But they're literally giving you FREE games how is that not an OFFER? Seriously, how are you people able to function outside of your house is beyond me. No common sense at all.

Chris12514d ago

Here's another troll. Why bother, it's just childish and makes PlayStation owners look salty.

zb1ftw777514d ago


Some games are used as incentives to keep you paying for Xbox live.

Others are used to drum sales up on other games.

The release of watchdogs for example, will create extra revenue for watchdogs 2 and dlc content.

Marketing skills 101.

Shadyceaser514d ago

You are damaged... Sorry about that.

Prince_TFK513d ago

E3 is close by so i think we should wait until that first before making judgements.

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SideNote514d ago

True, ps plus is garbage , I don't bother as you don't even get to keep the game.
Problem with free games I found is you download them, play them a little and that's it. I have a stack of free games, mostly unloved, sitting in the dark hd. But Xbox does have the better sub service.

UnHoly_One514d ago

You don't get to keep the Xbox One games with gold either.

The 360 games you get forever, but the XB1 games are only "yours" as long as you are a gold member.

SideNote514d ago

And when did that start? Because when I had my Xbox one 2 months ago I could play my free games without a sub.

Krysis513d ago

@unholy your statement is false and makes you sound ignorant, a quick Google Search and you could have saved face, and the amount of agrees you get show how many PS fanboys come here to upvote nonsense and downvote anyone that has something positive to say about xbox

DoubleYourDose513d ago

@ Krysis: This is directly from Games with Gold for Xbox FAQ page.

"What happens to my Games with Gold games if I cancel my Xbox Live Gold subscription?

On Xbox One, you’ll no longer be able to access your Games with Gold titles if you cancel your subscription. However, if you decide to renew your subscription at any time, you’ll be able to access and play your previously redeemed Games with Gold titles again."

It looks like you need to amend your response.

SideNote513d ago

I see the idiots are out upvoting and downvoting. You idiots are another species of idiot.🤣

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dilbig5514d ago

This is a good month, better than usual but no new games on the system and no money being spent making games will do that.

Team_Litt514d ago

SpeedRunners is literally brand new! So brand new it isn't out yet. Oh wait you are one of those people that think a game doesn't count unless it's exclusive. You are missing out then.

dilbig5513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Didn't know that tbh. Any game free is good. But if I can have if on my preferred system too, that's cool too. I literally only got a Xbone for Halo 5 (which is a good game but also a bad one Halo wise) Masterchief collection (dirt cheap because of the problems) and whatever else only comes out for it, which isn't much comparably. I'd say only 15-25% of the games I play are exclusives, the rest are multi. Hell, my top 3 favorite franchises are multi. Being exclusive is just an enticement to play that system.

Gotcha5514d ago

Hey... Playstation Nation how's that David Jaffe game doing?...haven't heared shit about it, but jelly about LawBreakers.

dilbig5514d ago

Nobody was excited for that game lol. It unique in the graphics but plays just like any generic TPS.

XanderZane514d ago

Drawn to Death was not good. I deleted it after giving it a try. I hope they give us something good in June. Please no more crappy Indies.

thekhurg514d ago

It's not free for Sony to give away AAA titles to all the millions of people that would get the games. It's much cheaper for MS since the xbone userbase is much smaller.

thekhurg514d ago


Because in the PS3 days, very few were subscribed. In today's market, the PS4 userbase is larger and there's way more PS+ members.

Use your brain, stupid.

Team_Litt514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

There are less people subscribed to PS+ than there are Xbox Gold though so that can't be right. Try another one.

thekhurg514d ago

The amount of people on xbox live for xbone is less than that on the PS4. MS doesn't have 100% attachment rate to online and neither does Sony.

When Sony had a small handful of PS+ subscribers during PS3 era, it was easy and very inexpensive for them to get AAA titles. It's not that cheap anymore. You're going to get lower priced/quality games on average because they are still in the business to make money.

Anyway, take care fangirls.

Krysis513d ago

Your such a fanboy, your comments are always good for a laugh. I would be embarrassed

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PFFT514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Well only if you are in the US, Cause PS+ titles outside of the US are quite great. Just take a look at this months PS+ titles everywhere else outside of the US got Alienation while we got that P.O.S Abzu game.

ABizzel1513d ago

In PlayStation's defense they had Dragon Age free free a while back, and Assassin's Creed 3 for free years ago.

A good month for XBO, but if you had a PS3 then you've already played and probably beat these games.

Watch Dogs is decent as well, but can be bought for $10 or less and has been $5 on PSN flash sales.

Free is free, and PS+ is definitely not launching with waves of AAA games, but they're already released plenty of these AAA games YEARS ago.

Obscure_Observer513d ago


That´s is not much of a confort for PS4 only owners.

butchertroll513d ago

Dragon Age Origins and AC III already were in PS+ offer a long time ago.

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christocolus514d ago

Xbox One

Available for the whole month – SpeedRunners (normally $14.99)
Available for the whole month – Phantom Dust Multiplayer DLC Pack (normally $14.99)
From June 16 to July 15 – Watch Dogs (normally $29.99)
Xbox 360

From June 1 to June 15 – Assassin’s Creed III (normally $19.99) (plays on Xbox One)
From June 16 to June 30 – Dragon Age: Origins (normally $14.99) (plays on Xbox One)

Pretty great month.

Automatic79514d ago

Fantastic Month, keep up the good work team Xbox.