Resistance 2 Beta Codes? Gamepro fails to deliver.

Many gamers were excited when they heard the news of Gamepro's August 08; Issue . featuring Resistance 2.

With a huge 10 page preview for R2 and a large icon slapped on the cover saying "FREE Resistance 2 Beta Codes", many gamers must have assumed the purchase to be worthwhile. Great coverage of this upcoming and potentially huge PS3 title and an opportunity to get into the beta and play the game before it hits retail, is very inticing to say the least.

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nieto3673d ago

what are you talking about? GamePro are one of the few honest reviewers that are left if you think there are other honest reviewers...

they focus on the fun in the games not about the technical side that most reviewers tend to put so much attention then things like the "Assassins Crees review fiasco" happen. Do you remember the time when IGN was saying that the X360 version was superior then GameSpot came and said other wise?

or maybe you're the type of person that think that GameInformer it's the sh1t. i mean that would be one of the most biased reviewers on the industry, seriously. they are partners of Gamestop. when they need certain games to sell then GameInformers comes and bump the scores....

butterfinger3673d ago

and got my code while I was at it:)

DarkBlade3673d ago

Doesn't the beta start in October. I don't get this blog.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213673d ago

i got a free Qore episode #3 from PTOM... does that mean i will get an email for the R2 beta??? or i wont get it since i got qore for free? thanks

Mc1873673d ago

I got qore ep1 for free and didn't get into the socom beta.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213673d ago

you know that you are supposed to get an email? you dont download from the download center in Qore... also you check your spam box?

if yes to all of above, then damn, then i gotta go up to gamestop like 20 minutes away from me just to get a code... really wish that gamecrazy had it since theres 1 up the street...

Tarasque3673d ago

You have to pay for the qore episode to get into the beta, i got my code for socom beta. They will send you a email with the code. BTW what is the date when qore subscribers get there code for RES2?

loslonelyman3673d ago

Go to download section. if you see Resistance Beta are fine. Wait till October 4th :-)

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