Are Consoles Holding PC Gaming Back From Reaching Its Potential? Stardock CEO Answers That Question

One of the most common refrain we hear from some fans of PC gaming is that PC gaming can never reach its true potential- consoles are holding PC gaming back, since they are a large market, and developers use them as a least common denominator, even when developing a game that will also be on PC. Console gaming, they lament, is holding PC gaming back.

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toddybad543d ago

No, market fragmentation is.

nevarDcirE543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

If you check out steam stats, you can clearly see that the average PC gamer does not own a beastly supercomputer.

In fact, Scorpio will be more powerful than the vast majority of steam gamers PC's.

freshslicepizza543d ago

this is true so what it means is adoption of better hardwsare is holding things back and consoles are far more marketable and affordable. when you create games that costs 10's of millions of doillars and dont have crowdfunding like star citizen you have to make your games with the mass market in mind.

542d ago
ShadowKnight542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

"In fact, Scorpio will be more powerful than the vast majority of steam gamers PC's."

I want to agree with you but the Scorpio laptop jaguar cpu won't let me.

Vegamyster542d ago

I'm just going to take a guess looking at all the data and assume the number of people with PCs that have the same/better hardware than consoles is around 30-40 based of their data, its a little bit too much for me to count atm.



In Feb 24, 2015 there was 125 Million active accounts, before that it was 100 million in Sep 23, 2014 so it gained a large amount of users in a short amount of time but they haven't shared anything since. So overall based on those old numbers its potentially 37.5-50 million people have decent/great PC's at the very least.

ILostMyMind542d ago

PS4 is already more powerful than that public.

TheCommentator542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

@ Shadow

The CPU is 50% faster than it's specs indicate as long as the DX12 API is used to target the accelerators in the command processors for CPU offloading. The "Jaguar CPU" also has 4x the cache of a standard Jaguar CPU, along with a decent boost to the clock speeds. There's roughly 60 improvements made to Scorpio vs. off the shelf parts, so...

What you should have said is that you want to agree with him, but your standard ommission of the facts surrounding Scorpio won't let you.

Obviously, running Forza 6 at Ultra+ settings on an incomplete dev kit... AND STILL BEING FASTER THAN A GTX1070 WITH POWER TO SPARE... should put the, "it's just a Jaguar" issue to bed. For some reason though, it doesn't. Oh well, when you see what devs are really doing with it, that the games are exceeding the Forza 6 demo in quality, it won't matter what you have to call the CPU in order to sleep at night.

Tussin187542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

And you can add the Pro to that list as well. Majority of PC gamers don't play at 4k either. I'm talking resolution of course. That's why I don't get all this obsession with 4k. Well I do if I think like a die-hard but you know what I mean.

I hear 1440p get brought up a lot and that still isn't the majority. I don't know as this so called fanboy war gets confusing. So many layers to it like an onion. PC gamers seem happy with those resolutions(1080p is most popular in the HD Rez) yet console gamers are arguing about native 4k.

It's strange and on top of that most don't own a 4k television either. I guess just saying my side has the most powerful console is the only thing that counts.

Corpser542d ago

There's 125 mil active steam accounts, let's say 1/3 have very powerful PCs , that's still a lot
Besides PS4 pro is also owned by very small % of PS4 gamers , will be the same with Scorpio/xb1

Hard8times542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

You realize steam have over 120 million users so what's the percentage you speak of and I bet it's millions of people that do have a gaming rig more powerful then a Scorpio which is nothing but a RX 480 so show these stats

xwabbit542d ago

The problem is that they don't need a beastly PC lol, most PC gaming desktops (old ones) are at least 2 times as powerful as a PS4. If they can achieve games like Uncharted 4 and Horizon on PS4, they should be able to do amazing games with what PC has. PS4's GPU is equal to a GTX 580, you know how old that card is lol, it released in 2010

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boomtube1987542d ago

If scorpio and Pro had Titan x GPU power then yes. It would be a next gen power and devs worked with that will see tech evolving allot

Kurdishcurse542d ago

Nope. Do some research before commenting.

toddybad543d ago

Oh, and the fact not everybody want to sit on their own at a keyboard. Console is far more social and fits in to the way people live around film, tv etc

Tech5542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

no, you can play on a pc with a controller and with your friends too this isn't the 80s.

Profchaos542d ago

It requires much more configuration than plug and play style console experiences

Bathyj542d ago

People always say that, as they type it at their keyboard and monitor. You can do it, but I would be most PC gamers don't. Why would they give up their superior monitors and refresh rates and precision controls? It's always such a selling point.

Tech5542d ago

You're saying you don't know how to plug in a usb cable? Usb originated on pc first.... Using old school technology requires the hassle if that's what you're referring to. This isn't the 80s though.

If you just want to say consoles are more for you that would be a better choice. As for complications they're a lot less complicated than the 80s. Today's kids are creating and uploading lots of content on the net.

Vegamyster542d ago


You plug in a receiver for your controller, turn on the game and play it. Anything like the settings is a 1 time thing which takes less then 5 minutes to adjust for your PC or you can use the optimizer that comes with your GPU's drivers/software.

DevilOgreFish542d ago

If you stick to common pc name brands it should work out for you nicely. Today's PCs are expecting you to plug in devices. It's not like in the old days where everything you plugged in was a mystery to your pc.

Corpser542d ago (Edited 542d ago )


The selling point is you can choose what you want to use on PC, those that want to use controllers(and whichever controller you want!) can, those the rather use mouse/keyboard can

XanderZane542d ago

Online and with a headset, yes. Otherwise you need to hook your PC up to your HDTV in the entertain room.

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agent4532542d ago

I play PC gaming with a 360 gamepad in front of my 42 in tv. Can we just for once accept that PC gaming can be played with a gamepad hooked to an HDTV set with HDMI cable.

AnubisG542d ago

Humm... what I find interesting is PC gamers always argue about the superiority of their K&M and how much better PC monitors are for games yet when it suits them, all of a sudden they game with a controller in front of a TV because they can....

RebelWAC542d ago

Ikr. The argument is so old you might as well say that consoles are holding PC back as it seems like everything is getting dumbed down for the bigger market.

And do not jump the gun here. I'm a console gamer @heart. Play on my ps4pro and got my gaming laptop hooked up to my 55" Samsung ks8005/ks9000. The only hassle I have is when switching my G29/DS4 usb cable between devices ... Aaaarg ... it's killing me!

jonivtec542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

Im not playing pc for the monitor but for the power and hook to my 4k tv to ,was hook to my 1080p tv fact im not playing on a monitor since 7-8 years ago.With some research we can find perfect tower that fit perfectly in the living room and become part of the home cinema itself.Lets not forget since windows 10 creators we now have dolby atmos and hdr compatibilty so we are for sure not the only one with this kind of setup:)Btw atmos is awesome;)

Cobra951542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

We can play either way, Anubis, depending on the game and on preferences. Plugging an Xbox One or 360 pad into a Windows-10 PC requires no configuration hassle at all to work in modern games. (I'm going to guess that 7 & 8 work just as well, though I have no experience gaming on these.) Same goes for the screen. Modern video cards will set themselves up immediately for whatever you plug them into, usually at native resolution.

Corpser542d ago

@A the point is those that want to use controllers on pc can

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Kingthrash360543d ago

Lol...wait so the " pesents" are holding the " master race" nice

Unspoken542d ago

Only as strong as the weakest link.

Malice-Flare542d ago

yep, laptops with Intel Integrated Graphics...

AspiringProGenji543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

I say consoles keep PC in check. Without consoles devs would be maxing out components making gamers have to upgrade even more constantly. Especially when you have Intel and Nvidia with their shit monopoly, that wouldn't be any good for us

agent4532542d ago

I disagree with the rise of digital distribution there is no need for ancient technology from a console. Xbox Game Pass will replace consoles and by 2020 or 2025 with the power of the ☁ hardware will no longer be an issue.

Kokyu542d ago

Yeah cause Redbox isnt doing well at all.

Profchaos542d ago

No it cost hundreds of millions to produce a High quality triple a title. If anything all markets work together to fund it consoles and pc sales combine to help make investors more money adding to more funding.

Without consoles pc gaming would be much more limited

agent4532542d ago

No, after the console crash gaming was doing just fine without consoles. Flash back to today and what do we see:

Early Access more like early crap
Xbox Game Pass on the horizon
PS Now

Is all digital and thanks to kickstarter/fig games that console manufacturers would turn say games down are now made.

It was through kickstarter that theme park games returned. The graphic adventure games returned, it brought life to survival horror. The return of platformers and 3D platformers. These genres were dead on consoles and pretty much alive on PC. It was thanks to PC gamers driving these games sales up it encouraged console manufacturers to bring back these genres back to consoles.

Today's consoles are garbage and trying too hard to be gaming PCs.

The loss of console hardware will be great news. Why? Due to game developers no longer restricted to certain genres, no longer tied to ancient hardware, best of all lower development costs 😀

ShaunCameron542d ago

Gaming wasn't doing fine without consoles. Certainly not after the crash.

Kokyu542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

You obviously werent alive during the 80's crash and the massive bailout companies were doing in the gaming sector in the states. If NES hadnt done as well as it did gaming may not be as big as it is today. This whole article is click bait and nonsense. Consoles arent holding PC back the fragmented PC gaming space is holding PC back always has always will be the average gamer and user isnt going to be someone who cares about max spec, PC gamers just dont want to face that fact.

The gaming Market is a free market thus the masses or majority control what is considered standard and companies and devs will always default to what is standard. Gaming is big enough for both Console and PC. PC gamers want devs to push hardware further then get your fellow PC gamers to start buying better hardware.

Aenea542d ago

During the crash in the 80's there were no gaming PC's, PC's mostly had black and white monitors (Hercules cards, black and green even) and PC's were expensive as heck. IBM compatible PC's were only just introduced.

Back then you either gamed on consoles or on home computers like the Apple II, Atari XL, Sinclair ZX Spectrum or ZX-81, Commodore 64 or Vic-20, Amstrad/Schneider CPC-464, etc., etc. Plenty of games were made for those, but barely any for the then very expensive IBM PC's.

In 1993 console videogames sales were way, way higher than computer ones (12 times as much), so no, PC gaming did not save gaming after the crash of the 80's, homecomputers and newer consoles did!

It's only in the 90's that gaming on PC became more popular and sjeesh, it was hell, messing about with memory managers like QEMM to save a few KB more so your game was able to run...

And you're basically hoping consoles go away, but the fact is that the AAA publishers make way more profits on consoles than on PC you really believe they would welcome that change? It would be a disaster! If they want to lower development costs they might be better off to skip PC versions 'cos all the different hardware is causing all those crappy PC ports to begin with. Saves a lot of headaches too!