5 Things We Want to See in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Well guys i’m sure you all know by now (if not………..seriously?) Final Fantasy 7 is getting a full, super awesome, bombastic, fan-bleeding-tastic, limousine riding, jet flying (WOO), record setting, leaves nerds sweating, Playstation 4 remake! Well here’s 5 things that we at the Game Hype office (there is no Game Hype office) can’t wait to see in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. SO!!! without further a due.....

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Omnislashver362048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

-more WEAPONS(Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst, etc)
-See the Loveless play
-Reimagined areas, like how Midgar has a ton more detail... Everything needs to be that way
-More sectors in Midgar
-Personally I want to see a world map instead of open world. FFXV turned me off to open world with the endless running, driving, and banter simulation... I'd prefer over world map but with a ton more detail than the original. I love the perspective of the over world. You get a ton more of the sea for instance. You see everything. The curvature of the horizon... Using the Highwind or vehicles for instance is so cool. The simplicity and yet awesomeness of it. Unlockables hidden behind mountains for instance... I'd like to see more unlockables. And it's where you get to plot your destination all while listening to the FFVII theme. I say keep world map just with a ton more detail. Perhaps not so warped in perspective for instance. A bit more balanced.

If they go with regular perspective I just don't want them to go the FFXV route with endless running and driving and talking BS.

Pearljam2048d ago

Agree turned based would be amazing and non episodic too.

S-Word2048d ago

Turn based combat and a full game all on 1 disc (or download) instead of being episodic like the newest Hitman.

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SaveFerris2048d ago

Hopefully they keep the Honeybee Inn scene intact.