Tactics Issue 3 (May 2017)

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Just 100% pure insight, analysis and opinion on the campaigns and outcomes of today's interactive gaming. This month features an in depth look at Yooka-Laylee's success, whether or not VR is becoming forgotten and when exactly is best to launch a new video game.


“Survival horror and VR go well together” - Producer Hints possible VR Version for the RE Series

In a very recent development, Capcom has announced that the VR mode for the “Resident Evil 4” remake is scheduled to be added on the 8th of December as an update and will support the full main story campaign, offering an unprecedented gaming experience to its users. However, RE Series fans have another reason to rejoice as there is a possibility that RE Series might get a VR Version in the future.

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Abnor_Mal1d 3h ago

This I would welcomed, haven’t replayed any of the older games since released years ago. VR would definitely get me to replay them all again. Make it happen Capcom.

MrBaskerville1d 3h ago

Psvr2 version of Re7 and Re2Remake would be fire.

Tacoboto1d ago

Capcom porting anything to SteamVR would be fire.

Petebloodyonion22h ago

You can already play RE 2-3-7-8 on PC via VR mods (Praydog) they offer hand-tracking movement (like PSVR2 Village) and full VR cutscenes.
THE RE7 mod is better compared to the old PSVR version due to hand tracking.

Tacoboto22h ago

Modding != Official Support

Petebloodyonion21h ago

"Modding != Official Support"
You can still play it in VR and worse it shows that this is far from a complicated feat requiring a full studio with tons of money since it's been done by 1 guy working on this mod from time to time.
So basically this could have been done by Capom a long time ago.

And again You should try (it's pretty easy to install) for Res7 for It's improved even on the PSVR version of the game.

Vanfernal1d 2h ago

Spencer Mansion in VR would be AMAZING. That is my favorite video game setting of all time.

Babadook723h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Itchy... tasty... More RRR EEE!!


The 7 Best VR Roomscale Games

Want to maximise your play VR area with some awesome space distorting titles? Here are our 7 best VR roomscale games.

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The Wizards Brotherhood Update Delayed Again

The Wizards - Dark Times fans have waited this long so a little longer won't hurt as the co-op Brotherhood update is delayed again.

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