Saints Row 2 Free on Steam and GOG for a Limited Time

Volition's excellent Saints Row 2 is now free for a limited time on Steam and GOG.

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mikeslemonade2556d ago

Too old. Wouldn't have played the game then; much less right now.

badz1492556d ago

WTF dude? a free game is a free game

mikeslemonade2554d ago

The time i have is limited. I don't give time to crappy games.

StormLegend2556d ago

The last great Saint's row game.

StormLegend2556d ago

1 was amazing! Loved the story, gameplay, characters and plot.

luckytrouble2556d ago

Neat, but remember all, Saints Row 2 is one of the worst PC ports ever. It runs better than it did back when it launched, but it is still a kind of buggy experience lacking in optimization.

ARESWARLORD2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Just got it was playing it runs okay stutters a bit pretty sure I can be tweaked that's with all settings completely maxed maybe one thing needs to be turned down who knows still fun though forgot to mention I was running it on Intel i7 4770 and AMD RX 480

Profchaos2556d ago

Yes on launch it was worse than gta 4 at launch sr2 was basically unplayable until they patched it.

But all patches did actually sort out all issues unfortunately it's aged quite poorly compared to 3 and even 1

mochachino2556d ago

At the price of FREE I can't complain. Worst thing that can happen is I try it and don't like it. No financial loss.

2556d ago
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Ten best games from the 2000s you may have missed

The 2000s was a great decade for a lot of brilliant video games. Here are the ten best games of the 2000s that you may not have played.

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isarai484d ago

You know usually when someone says "you may have missed" it's games that were lesser known, hidden gems, underrated games. These are all super high profile games that sold extremely well.

FPS_D3TH483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

You know the 2000s is 20 years ago too? Maybe, just maybe this wasn’t an article targeted to 30+ gamers? Still says at the very beginning of the title “THE BEST GAMES you may have missed”. Regardless of how well they sold there’s tons of gamers who haven’t touched these older well known games lol.

Welshy483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

It's games you "may have missed", insinuating you were around and gaming in the 2000's and were there to miss them. If it was aimed at everyone else then they missed literally everything, not just the top games.

The original commenter is right, this is a badly written article at best pointless at worst.

Crows90483d ago

Besides only being able to miss it if you were around during that time..if your point stands then this is a horrible list. Tons of better games people may have missed

XxINFERNUSxX483d ago

I would like the original max payne remade in a new engine with ray tracing. 😊

FPS_D3TH483d ago

Remedy games already working on that and I’m so stoked for it