Saints Row 2 Free on Steam and GOG for a Limited Time

Volition's excellent Saints Row 2 is now free for a limited time on Steam and GOG.

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mikeslemonade1142d ago

Too old. Wouldn't have played the game then; much less right now.

badz1491142d ago

WTF dude? a free game is a free game

mikeslemonade1140d ago

The time i have is limited. I don't give time to crappy games.

StormLegend1142d ago

The last great Saint's row game.

Bigpappy1142d ago

1 and 2 were really good.

StormLegend1142d ago

1 was amazing! Loved the story, gameplay, characters and plot.

luckytrouble1142d ago

Neat, but remember all, Saints Row 2 is one of the worst PC ports ever. It runs better than it did back when it launched, but it is still a kind of buggy experience lacking in optimization.

ARESWARLORD1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Just got it was playing it runs okay stutters a bit pretty sure I can be tweaked that's with all settings completely maxed maybe one thing needs to be turned down who knows still fun though forgot to mention I was running it on Intel i7 4770 and AMD RX 480

Profchaos1142d ago

Yes on launch it was worse than gta 4 at launch sr2 was basically unplayable until they patched it.

But all patches did actually sort out all issues unfortunately it's aged quite poorly compared to 3 and even 1

mochachino1142d ago

At the price of FREE I can't complain. Worst thing that can happen is I try it and don't like it. No financial loss.

1142d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.