Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3 Prototype Footage

Here is some great footage of Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3 from a prototype. It’s pretty cool to look at and it really gives us an idea of what this game could have been.

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Nitrowolf2640d ago

I enjoyed the 1st game despite what many felt about it, but the 2nd one was a huge let down due to it trying to tie itself deeper into the original trilogy, whereas the 1st game felt it had a more original story.

Im not surprised a 3rd one wasnt made after two

Summons75639d ago

I agree, I loved the first one and it ended perfectly tying into the OT just fine. The second one made no sense and made even less sense the farther in the story you got. The gameplay in both games was fun.

Sam Fisher639d ago

Aww man especially on the psp, i had it both portable and console and i got to give it to them they ported that game's gameplay very well. Barely any difference apart from graphics and qte sessions

Kaneki-Ken639d ago

The second was considered as a non canon or fillers but now the first game is no longer canon because Disney said so.

JBaby343638d ago

I also loved the first. Second was ok but the first was so much fun. You really were a force wrecking ball and finally I felt like that's what the force always should have been. The story tie-in was also good with some nice irony at the end. Starkiller is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. Those poor storm troopers that had the unfortunate fate of fighting me.

638d ago
WhyWai88638d ago

Still the best Star Wars game since KOTOR

annoyedgamer639d ago (Edited 639d ago )

Disney and EA should form a union and create the first Gaming Empire.

Star Wars 1313...

638d ago
MetroidFREAK21639d ago

I have these games on my Xbox One... The first game I actually played on the Wii back when it was released in 2008, and I never got around to the 2nd game. Maybe one of these days I will try it out.

JBaby343638d ago

The second is just ok. Stick to the first.

MetroidFREAK21638d ago

Well eventually I want to play my entire back catalog... So soon enough I will have to play it :p

JBaby343638d ago

In that case enjoy it for what it is. There are some fun parts and you still get to unleash the force, I just liked the first game more.

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The story is too old to be commented.