What Xbox ‘Project Scorpio’ means for PC gaming

"Microsoft has dished the deets on its upcoming ‘Scorpio’ hardware update for the Xbox console, and in what amounts to uncharacteristic detail and candour given the ruddy thing isn’t going on sale until the end of 2017. But what are we poor PC peasants to make of the Beast of Redmond’s latest game box and its towering on-paper capabilities? In short, what influence will Project Scorpio’s trick new hardware have on future PC games?"

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DevilOgreFish2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The PC gaming community never dies; more likely goes underground, occasionally.
Even when i jumped ships in the early millennium it was pretty much kicking. especially with NOLF2 that game was golden! and then Half life and F.E.A.R.!

DevilOgreFish2510d ago

Trust me when I say that, I was almost for sure PC would disappear when the PS2, Xbox and GC were making it rain with games. that was highest level of hype to ever hit console gaming, 3 strong platforms!! and It was (unfortunately) the Dreamcast that got wiped out. If PC could withstand that era it can withstand the generations. Consoles on the other hand have much more hype and anticipation to live up to compared to the sleeping giant PC.

Kingthrash3602509d ago

Why would pc feel anything from the scorpio when pc will have the same games + steam and gog and the fact that's it's an actual PC ...throw in the fact they don't need to sub to xbl and you wonder why this question is even asked.

freshslicepizza2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

"Why would pc feel anything from the scorpio when pc will have the same games + steam and gog and the fact that's it's an actual PC ...throw in the fact they don't need to sub to xbl and you wonder why this question is even asked."

if you bought all your games on the pc and only used your ps4 for exclusives you might have a point but that isn't the case is it for you and the rest 98% of ps4 owners who keep saying there's no need for xbox now is it? so please keep parroting the same old weak argument. also what percentage of pc gamers play games in 4k or even at the same performance level being offered from microsoft?

besides, what the pc lacks is what I miss and that is sports games. i love madden and nhl and ea wont put them on the pc and scorpio will have the best versions of them.

XabiDaChosenOne2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Where are you getting your stats from moldybread? Honest question and I like how you conveniently left out Nba 2k and Fifa but I guess that's just a coincidence. Modly bread would rather pay 60 dollars a year to play online just for NHL and Madden 😂😂😂

starchild2508d ago

I think with Scorpio and PS4 Pro in the market we will tend to see more games taking advantage of the higher spec platforms (PC, Scorpio and PS4 Pro).

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Tech52508d ago

The Xbox Scorpio will be a beast but PC gaming will always be eternal.

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DeadSilence2510d ago

It means nothing, Pc will remain super strong.

ProjectVulcan2508d ago

Indeed. PC rolls on, the juggernaut isn't slowing.

AMD's rebirth as a CPU competitor thus reducing performance CPU prices and talk of Nvidia launching Volta graphics cards before Scorpio even arrives the hardware scene will move on quickly.

Consoles can get close to PC performance when they first launch, but never beat them. After a year PC has just increased it's lead once more.

Scorpio offers little PC gamers won't be able to get on PC, this is credit to Microsoft's play anywhere program. It ensures if you have a capable gaming PC, you probably don't need an Xbox to play your favourite Xbox titles any more.

starchild2508d ago

I agree. And I don't think Scorpio will be quite as powerful as some people are imagining. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a well designed console and quite powerful as consoles go, but not all games are going to run like Forza did. That's where people are kind of exaggerating their expectations and jumping to conclusions.

I think even my current GTX 1070 will generally outperform it.

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krypt19832507d ago

What your missing is console gaming moves the indusrty forward not pc.

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ShadowKnight2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Pro exclusives out takes Scorpio exclusives lmao

krypt19832507d ago

Maybe for you they do but not me

Armyntt2507d ago

If reality meets expectations, the multiplatforms are gonna look so much better on Scorpio they might as well be exclusive.

Bigpappy2509d ago

I think it helps PC gamers get even more quality games. If Scorpio does really well AMD stands to gain tremendously in the PC world also.

tyasia02508d ago

What are you on about now?

AMD has been making the consoles the entire gen and Sony has been helping them twice as much as Microsoft. On top of that if you actually knew about AMD they are already a generation ahead of what is in Scorpio with Ryzen and Vega should be coming out in a month or two. Not to mention that fact that AMD publicly shares their road map that lists what they are working on into 2020 and beyond.

And more quality games? PC games have been doing 4k for years and PC has way more games than consoles already. And PC has true backwards compatibility. You can play games from 40+ years ago on PC unlike Microsoft backwards compatibility where they spoon feed you a few games per month.

Scorpio is following PC... PC is not following Scorpio.

starchild2508d ago

That's true. No other platform has the kind of backwards compatibility the PC does.

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_-EDMIX-_2507d ago

So they never were before this?

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