LittleBigPlanet: Tetris Level

That is right ladies and Gents, the guy over at MediaMolecure have managed to make fully functional tetris level. hit the link to see it in motion.

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thePatriot5359d ago (Edited 5359d ago )

especially if u get extra points for clearing 4 rows at once
this is what I want to see. levels and games that arent just simple sidescrollers.

HighDefinition5359d ago

This game is about to BLOW THE F**K UP, the possiblies are ENDLESS. There will be NO reason to stop playing this game until the next one comes out.

beoulve5359d ago

simply brilliant games, glad PS3 is heading to the right direction.

Why o why5359d ago

Sackboy aint taking no prisoners

TheSadTruth5359d ago

Can someone elaborate what LittieBigPlanet is capable of right now?

Does it have scripting? Can you import media assets? What degree of functionality do you have with online? Etc.

uie4rhig5359d ago


man.. just release this game already :(

less than a month left YEAH!!!! :)

TheTwelve5359d ago

Does anybody doubt that this will redefine gaming? Seriously. It's like...the king of games.


mfwahwah5359d ago

There is scripting, you can add speech bubbles, you make enemies with various types of ai (offensive, defensive, neutral, etc), you can import pictures with the PSEye.

I could honestly type up features for the next hour, but I'm a bit busy. There are a **** ton of interviews and videos out there if you have the time :D.

mikeslemonade5359d ago

Not even 30 some odd Tetris iterations have done that. It's Tetris with real physics. This is system seller confirmed.

Spydiggity5359d ago

next map will be a simulation of someone waiting for a bus. and ya'll praise that for being amazing too.

i admit, the concept here is cool. but this looks SO boring. who would want to play tetris like this?

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Relcom5359d ago

That is why i will be playing this game for years, i mean its only been out a day and someone already did something this good. Amazing, Props to whoever did this

Siesser5359d ago

I wonder what function causes the game to automatically clear out a filled row like that.... cool.

Mr_Bun5359d ago (Edited 5359d ago )

That is exactly my question...I can figure everything else except that. Also how to get it to separate individual blocks out of the main shape when the line gets cleared.

EDIT: He must have a pressure switch under every block that activates only when every switch is pressed...I didn't know you could hook up multiple switches to the same object...awesome!

INehalemEXI5359d ago (Edited 5359d ago )

Thats the disolvable material yup if hooked to a switch it disolves when the switch is triggered. He should of put different colored stickers on each type of shape for a more tetrisy look.

CrippleH5359d ago

Very cool but looks harder.

Hardcore Littlebigtetris.

Ghost-Face5359d ago

It's simply amazing what this game can do...

iHEARTboobs5359d ago

I also didn't know there was jetpacks! Awe-some!