AceGamez Review - Monster Madness: Grave Danger

AceGamez: "Taking cues from classic retro games such as Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Grave Danger puts a group of stereotypical teenagers up against the rest of their zombified town. You choose between the four youths at the start of the story mode, the options comprising of the amazingly original nerdy schoolboy, goth chick, skater dude and blonde cheerleader. At first the clichéd characters seem to be intentional, but their one-liners begin to grate after only a few minutes. The whole scenario is obviously trying to appeal to the younger market but fails at achieving even this, thanks to the badly conceived character designs and the lack of a memorable plot. You definitely won't play Grave Danger for the story - but what might you play it for?

The game is divided into five locations, each being marginally different to the last; from your hometown to the local High School, each environment is split into around five levels, which are supposed to take place in different parts of the area you are currently exploring. It feel more like a never ending trawl around the same patch of land over and over again though, made even worse by the lack of any area-specific monsters. I became very confused at one point while playing, thinking that I'd gone past the same building three times, when I had actually progressed through the overly linear route correctly. The levels generally consist of defeating a given number of enemies in a closed off area, moving on, then rinsing and repeating, which gets old very fast. Level design clearly isn't the developer's forte, as this aspect of Grave Danger fails to sustain much interest."

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