Voodoo Vince Remastered Review - IGN

A routine platformer with a lot of heart gets a welcome facelift.

PhoenixUp2351d ago

IGN just gave Voodoo Vince Remastered a better score than they gave to Yookah-Laylee

Krysis2351d ago

Do you think it happens to be because the person that reviewed this liked it better. It's only a single person

jukins2350d ago

eh. You know people dont think like that which is a shame. Moat peiple dont see past ign and never even think about individuals with thier own preferences who do the reviews

EmperorDalek2350d ago

Why are you both thinking he meant it in a "Oh such bias ign" way? It's an interesting point. A remaster of an old, forgotten platformer out-does a brand new one (According to IGN.)

Razzer2350d ago

Different reviewers though. Marty Silva reviewed yooka laylee. Doesn't mean much.

Krysis2350d ago

And Marty Silva loves tools Kaylee and platformed in general, it's his favorite genre

2350d ago
lunatic00012350d ago

I still have the original Xbox version...Can't wait to play it again after I beat yooka laylee

timotim2350d ago

Grabbing it as a game to play on my Surface on the go away from home. Love Xbox Play Anywhere!

Bronxs152346d ago

i wonder why they remade this. was there a demand for this?


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