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RiME's creative director was "crying for two days" after reading comments on the game

Paul Rubio says he spent two days just reading two years of comments and crying at the hatred for RiME.

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Community551d ago
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Septic552d ago

He would have slit his wrists if he came here 😂

Kaneki-Ken552d ago

I have would have roast his game and him even harder, if he came here when the rumor started to spread.

naruga551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Sony has quality control, didnt let him to reaquire the rights without checking first this 'Molyneauesque' type of developer full of talks with poor designs and just a bait demo trailer for their game have the engine go make a genuine original game (an not a lame copy of ICO -Trico) and stop the pussy crying ...

pinkcrocodile75551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

That's the thing about social media, there is no conscience attached to a keyboard.

I don't mind posting here, though there are times when I read something and it makes my blood boil, especially bullying, and homophobia, both I have seen here on n4g. Not that this is a slight against n4g, but merely an observation. The moderators do their best and stop it when it gets started or goes too far.

I think my favourite scenario would be a developer being unjustly hammered online and a response goes along the lines of the Liam Neeson's quote from Taken.

" I don't know who you are or where you're from, but you have cause me great upset and hurt. If you apologise now, that'll be the end of it and I'll leave you alone.

If you don't you should know that I have a certain skill set and will use these skills to find you, and when I find you, I'm going to..."

I think that'd be my favourite post ever, I'd print it and frame, right next to my framed photo or Vinnie Jones painfully squeezing Gazza's [email protected] on the footy pitch.

Link to Photo

sampson3121551d ago

Stop worrying about him. Learn to write a proper sentence.

Godmars290551d ago

"Sony has quality control,"

Um, No Man's Sky...?

shloobmm3551d ago

@naruga the game couldn't possibly have been in that bad of shape for it to have suddenly come together that fast. Not everything you read on the internet is true.

Goldby551d ago


game wasn't broken on release. so why did you bring up no man's sky?

The 10th Rider551d ago


People keep talking as if the game was cancelled due to quality control, yet Sony's invested in games like the Tomorrow Children, Kill Strain, Draw to Death, Entwined . . . And I'm sure others could come up with more.

mikeslemonade551d ago

As a modern internet user you need to expect the biggest criticism for anything you do. Someone like me will spin it negatively no matter what.

Mr Pumblechook551d ago

@Septic :)

If the NeoGaf comments made him cry for two days, just wait until he reads the reviews!

_-EDMIX-_551d ago

@Naruga- lol I got to agree 100%.

I liked Rime based on believing it was a real thing, finding out they had some fake videos and fake gameplay basically made me lose all trust anyone had with them.

This is a wait and see. Too much Ico, Zelda wannabe going on in this game and I need to know its actually legit, as if they are willing to LIE about its development to Sony, I don't know what they will do on their own.

pinkcrocodile75550d ago (Edited 550d ago )


I see what you mean, and yes people need to have a thick skin when dealing with internet dross. However it's just that, you aren't being pulled to pieces by your peers, you're being pulled to pieces by idiots.

It's like being in primary school, with comments like these;

"You stink, because you do"
"Your mum's a slag, because she is"
"You're a [email protected], because you are"

There is just no substance to their comments.

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Nitrowolf2552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

pfffffffffffft its not THAT BAD here compared to Neogaf IMO, those guys can be really rough especially with how little some moderation is. I would hate for him to see what people said about it on Reddit and 4chan.

Anyway, while yeah I do feel bad, at the same time you really shouldn't be surprised that people became upset after hearing rumors that what was shown wasn't in-game and for that matter there was No game to begin with. Its just getting peoples hopes up

gangsta_red551d ago

But those were just rumors and from what I read here people jumped the gun early and started proclaiming the worse for this game.

Especially because it was dropped by Sony, for any other game its always a wait and see, but for this people were quick to throw it under the bus and back over it a few times.

JackBNimble551d ago

But I didn't read anywhere that the rumors weren't true nor did he deny that they weren't true, and why would Sony just drop them? They didn't even drop NMS so why rime?
Maybe there's more truth to the rumors, and if that's the case then he should be be crying.

gangsta_red551d ago


The dev said they wanted their rights back to the game. Whatever happened to get them back was between them and Sony.

And I do remember this dev denying a lot of the rumors that circulated when the dev bought the rights back to their game.

"They didn't even drop NMS so why rime?"

Why would Sony drop NMS? Was Hello Games in the same situation as the guys at RIme? Again, the internet exploded with nothing but speculation on the rumors and nothing was confirmed as true.

Just like with Scalebound, we the public may never know the full details.

The 10th Rider551d ago


But if they were dropping RIME because it wasn't up to par, why wouldn't the y drop the Toomorrow Children, Kill Strain, Entwined, or Drawn to Death?

Christopher551d ago

***for any other game its always a wait and see***

I dunno. If Nintendo, MS, or Sony drop something like that, I tend to think critically. Like, I was already critical of Scalebound. When MS dropped it, I became even more critical of it.

_-EDMIX-_551d ago


@Jack- Agreed. Smoke, theres fire.

I too worry about this game, for Sony to drop them like that tells me something was deeply wrong or fraudulent about their development

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Erik7357552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Yea like why the hell does he charge more for the Switch version? Arhhh you got me going now

_-EDMIX-_551d ago

lol, all you had to do is say "Switch version will cost more" and Erik is on top of it! lol

I agree though, this game just shouldn't be charging more as they are the team that has something to prove.

-Foxtrot551d ago

Hey don't hate the player, hate the game....then the person who made the game.

gangsta_red551d ago

Lol, for real. For a dev you really have to stay away from the net.

rainslacker550d ago

Eh, you just have to learn to take criticism, and separate the vitriol from the constructive. I remember after the first AAA game I worked on released, I went online and read up on what people were saying about it. It reviewed reasonably well, and thought I'd see if there was any valid criticism so I could apply it to whatever I did in the future, because I'm a firm believer that you learn from your mistakes, and can see new things when others analyze your work.

Anyhow, It took a while to wade through what I'd call pointless criticism for the game as a whole, but there was some valid stuff there. Even some stuff that was discussed during development, but a lot of it came down to prioritizing what was most important for meeting the release date.

There were a few comments that were about things that I worked on, at least in some cursory way, but nothing extremely bad, so it wasn't really all that productive.

Anyhow, many devs do read through what people are saying. But they do have to learn to not take it personally. Biggest thing to remember is that the people criticizing often don't know the story of the actual development, or why things may be the way they are. But there are times when the obvious is obvious, and at those times, its best just to accept the criticism...because you likely know it's valid and should accept it....then move on and try to do better on the next project.

boomtube1987551d ago

As well as he should be. Non AAA indies should be banned om consoles. We console gamers only care for AAA games like CoD, Fifa and GTA type games. Playing with our scientifically formulated controllers. Keep non AAA indies out of our consoles

Nitrowolf2551d ago

Speak for yourself some of the best games I've played are from small Indie Developers

MeteorPanda551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

high level sarcasm detected

Raiden551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Yep he would be R.I.P, in the first 5-10min if he came here and read comments, good luck to him and his team, may his hard work pay off.

Agent_00_Revan551d ago

Imagine if he worked on Mass Effect!!

DevilOgreFish551d ago

"He would have slit his wrists if he came here"

Why people gotta be like that then?

KwietStorm551d ago

That really shouldn't be funny, but it's probably 100% accurate.

XanderZane551d ago

No kidding. The hatred on this site is probably one of the biggest next to NeoGaF.

Sony quality control is to get behind games like No Man's Sky and praise it to death until the game is released and Flops hard. After that, they wanted no part of the game and kept telling everyone they didn't have a hand in No Man's Sky and it was all Hello Games! efforts that cause it to fail. lol!! Of course everyone will agree with Sony, but when Microsoft pulls the plug on Fable Legends & Scalebound due to quality control they are the bad guys. So many hypocrites.
I still look forward to Rime and how the game turns out. It one of the games that I was really looking forward to.

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Maybay552d ago ShowReplies(13)
SaveFerris551d ago

Gotta have a thick skin if you are a developer, huh?

TankCrossing551d ago

Gotta have a thick skin if you *read comments on the internet.

550d ago
2cents551d ago

I ask my students to tell me what they didn't like about the latest AAA game, regarding a specific character, set piece or environment and they really go to town.

Then I bring their work up and ask them the same about their characters, environment's etc. and the room falls silent, the realisation of how easy it is to dismiss other becomes vividly apparent to them.

It really helps them respect and understand the 3D workflow and the work that is done in the industry.

rainslacker550d ago

It can be hard to see it in your own work, because you tend to know the whole story, and all the motivations of why you did things the way you did. Those that do good work can convey those motivations through their work, and remain critical enough to know what works, and what doesn't.

Biggest lesson on creation is that you have to be able to adapt to what is best for the product that you want to create, while at the same time balance that with what your target audience will want and appreciate. I know we say all the time that games are art, which is true, but it's also a commercial product, and as such it requires being able to separate yourself from the work at times to be able to analyze it critically. Being too proud tends to make worse products, but you can't be so concerned with what everyone says that you try to please everyone, because that's an impossible endevour.

2cents550d ago

Very true.

My outcome of this exercise is to get them to start developing and exercising critical thinking and providing constructive feedback. Developing Peer reviewing is very important for me so that i can prep them for professionally handling dailies, contributing to the vision rather than giving personal opinions and seeing things from alternate perspectives at the drop of a hat.

What fun! :D

551d ago
XiNatsuDragnel551d ago

Damn this dude must be feeling pain right now

550d ago