Project Scorpio/PS4 Pro Aren’t Just About 4K Gaming

A common narrative for gamers when talking about Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro is to say that they are inherently designed for 4K gamers and that their value is hinged on 4K. Dave dives in to clear up some misunderstandings.

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darthv72556d ago

"4K gaming is cool but with the slow adoption of 4K TVs at this point, there simply isn’t a huge market for that outside of the PC gaming community, which is also taking its time with adopting 4K gaming."

Right now the consensus is that people seem to be content with 1080p displays. That is all fine and good but a 4k display is not JUST about the 4k resolution. That may be one selling point but another is actually HDR support. Something that is not available on any 1080p display. HDR is something that you can really see a difference with unlike resolution (in most cases). As more and more HDR enabled content comes to market, we should actually start seeing an increase in the adoption of 4k sets. And it isnt just games bringing that change but also tv and movie content as well.

4K mfg is up, prices are down and it would not surprise me if it is gaining traction at a better pace than even 1080p did.

UKmilitia556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

i have a 4k tv thats 49" and i have a ps4 pro hooked upto it and it looks amazing,evewn games in boost mode are a huge step up and hdr looks incredible.
i also have a 110" 1080p projector which i cant play anymore but it looks like a snes game lol.
its the problem of once you experience 4k,you dont want to go back,its like watching sky sports sd when there is HD version it loks so much better.

the HUGE HUGE issue with 4k tvs imo is HDR marketing is trickery to most and also input lag should be a rule all tvs should list.

bestofthebest556d ago

Yep 1080p TVs are the norm right now many people are happy with it. 4k TVs will take a while to be in every house. The standard ps4 will stay dominate this gen because of this reason.

darthv72556d ago

not so sure about that. the more i see peoples faces light up when they see HDR in action, the more likely it is THAT will be the selling point. It really is a night and day difference as it makes all the colors really pop. By next superbowl sunday... I know i will be 4k HDR ready.

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Aenea556d ago


Sure buddy, show me a 4k TV of 49" or higher with low latency, a 10 bit panel and HDR for $300/€300 and I will buy one ASAP!

The good ones are above 1k at the moment and I find them just a tad too expensive for just a TV, especially since my 1080p one isn't that old yet...

rainslacker555d ago


The whole discussion is about HDR, and the $300 4K TV's tend to not have that built in. On top of that, the cheap 4K TV's usually look worse than the 1080 sets in the same price range.

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