The battle for fair game prices—and Gearbox’s attempt to ruin it

What would you pay for an identical 2011 game with a badly shoehorned Duke Nukem cameo?

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opinionated1151d ago

Not 60. I will probably get it down the line when it's dirt cheap and the Duke isn't a pre-order bonus. That's the shittiest part of the whole deal, in order to play as Duke you need to buy it on day one at full retail. That's unacceptable, a spit in the face really. You can't even wait for a good sale.

Injusticewarrior1151d ago

Nah, pretty sure everyone can buy duke now for 5 bucks or something.

Side note, the game is okay and still holds up.

opinionated1150d ago

That's better but still.. I don't want to pay full retail for the game, let alone another 5 dollars on top for the dlc. At least it's an option for when I get it for 10 bucks in a year.

superchiller1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (on both PS4 and XB1) was available for $40 as a preorder, from both Best Buy and Amazon, if you had Gamers Club Unlocked (BB) or Prime (Amazon). I do agree that $60 is way too much for the remastered versions of Bulletstorm, but I think Gearbox realized that and subsidized the discounts. I preordered copies for both platforms (for $40 each) because I love the original game and really want to see a sequel. It's a fantastic game that has a lot of potential for growth in future sequels.

Krysis1150d ago

Randy Pitchfork, nough said

captainexplosion1150d ago

I loved Bulletstorm and I got full clip edition from Gamefly and it was even better than I remember. One of the funnest games I have ever played. Then I went to order the actual game and to my astonishment it was $65 ($60 plus $5 for the Duke DLC) and decided to wait until its cheaper. Still a great game though and worth every penny.

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The story is too old to be commented.