Why the Xbox One Scorpio matters (even for PC gamers)

Scorpio represents a kind of technical innovation that isn't often seen in the console world.

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XXanderXX648d ago

Hope all the tech , concept , ideas know how are all patent and looked out for copy cat ideas that borrow or blatantly copy .

XXanderXX648d ago

Hoping everything Tech wise in Xbox Scorpio is Patent , copy righted so not to be easily copied by anyone .

mikeslemonade647d ago

I like how naturally Sony as usual is underrated again with what they did with Pro. The leap from PS Pro from PS Poor is around 110% (4.2 to 1.84tf). The leap from Scorpio to PS Pro is less than 30% at 6 Teraflops.

And Forza demo is a racing a game, that's not impressive to me at all.

BlackOni647d ago

@mikeslemonade, the leap from the xbox one to the scorpio is even higher, with the xbox one being the lowest common denominator

BlackOni648d ago

Could very well be, I imagine their specific way of cooling is