Loot Ninja Review: Mario Super Sluggers (Wii)

Loot Ninja writes: "Simplistic controls can be a positive and a negative, and in this game it is both. Mario Super Sluggers lets you swing the Wii Remote to swing the bat and control of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters, but does it have enough to keep you playing? Let' s find out.

Graphically and audio-wise, the game captures the Mario style and theme very well. Since this is a follow up to the 2005 Mario Baseball game, it is a bit sad that graphics match that of what we are used to on the Gamecube a few years back. Nothing Earth shattering has been done to tweak the graphics of this game."

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taz80803675d ago

Too similar to the GC version! A fun game with friends but could have been a lot better with a season mode or some online features

taz80803675d ago

Since when is wiggling a remote motion control?! Man Nintendo is getting voer on everyone wiht this motion control [email protected]!