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NoBias3662d ago

Ha, nintendo doesn't have to do any reinventing with Mario for him to survive. He'll always be a hit.

Anon19743662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Mario titles just seem to struggle so bad. Something must be done about it!

I don't think this guy is being serious.

RAZORLAND3662d ago

Seems incredibly possible...

The Dark Knight3662d ago

They should make like a really dark game. Mario is a washed up plumber, Peach is his wife who is a whore and cheat, Luigi is his depressed brother whos addicted to drugs. And then he starts seeing things lieke giant green tubes but there not really there (yeah i stole that last part from pans labyrinth) and then he should die and mario be rested for ever...

hahahah that would be funny.

ReservoirDog3163662d ago

This is just wrong on some many levels. I didn't play NSMB Wii but didn't that outsell mw2 (or close or whatever, sorry if I'm wrong, long day)?

And aren't they like some of the best exclusives for the Wii?

I wouldn't mind if Mario games got better though. But they don't need to do anything for Mario to survive, especially reinvent him.

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Seekerofthewind3662d ago

What an entertaining article. Not meant to be taken seriously whatsoever, obviously, but still entertaining.

na-no-nai3662d ago

lmao wat f$%^ is that.
multi-platform mario will never happen maybe unless nintendo stop being a console maker even then they still have the handheld

mario not going anywhere. but i love to see a squel to mario rpg but other than that im fine with mario the way it is

champ213662d ago

it already is multiplatform.

dolphin emulator on pc says hi :P

wpggamer3662d ago

I'm almost ready to get a wii, just for my mario fix.

-MD-3662d ago

I'm holding out until it's like 100$ or an HD version comes out.

hatchimatchi3662d ago

before anyone gets upset, the article is an obvious joke.

actually kinda funny too.

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The story is too old to be commented.