Is the zombie genre dead?

Double XP discuss the zombie genre, and if it's on its last legs.

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Littil_Devil653d ago

Short answer, no. However, it would be nice if we could go back to the old-school survival horror roots again (1998 is a game of that kind).

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Kombatologist653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

If you're referring to the original Resident Evil, it came out in 1996. It takes place in 1998, though. But I agree. I feel like the zombie genre jumped the shark with 28 Days Later. I suppose running zombies have their place (TLoU), but one of the things that made George A. Romero's zombies scary was their sheer numbers and the fear of being overwhelmed in a claustrophobic sense. It didn't matter if they were slow because they didn't stop. You couldn't rest. Not really. I think that sensation got lost when they started to run. That's when they stopped being scary and became a novelty.

SolidGear3653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

He's talking about a game called 1995. It looks exactly like the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I believe it came out last year on PC. I read a bunch of news about it on here. It may actually get a console port.

Just checked and it's on steam. Back in 1995 is the title.

NapalmSanctuary653d ago

I think he's referring to Daymare 1998.

Kombatologist653d ago

Oh wow, I haven't seen/heard anything on Daymare 1998. Thanks for the clarification.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen653d ago

Agreed. The success of Dying Light proves that this genre has potential in gaming if done the right way.

SolidGear3653d ago

Yes, I love Dying Light. The writing and dialogue was very well done in comparison to Dead Island so they must've had a different writer.

Tech5653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

It seems people wish not for a Zombie game but wish for Capcom's old horror style. Zombie games have and are still being made but in action form.

In Capcom's case it wasn't about the multitude of zombies that made it feel creepy. being alone with them is what made it feel as such. And it's key quest's too. Being alone searching for things was part of It's experience.

frostypants652d ago

No. needs to be. It was played out a long time ago.

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daBUSHwhaka653d ago

Nope.Not with titles like TLOU 2,Days Gone and State of Decay 2 coming..

N4Geeing653d ago

Yes,, but will it sell?...

Vegamyster653d ago

Tlou 2 will obviously sell, dunno about the other two.

nX652d ago

Without a doubt, at least the ones on PS4.

Deadlead653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Those games are not highly anticipated for zombies, because "zombies" the genre. The suffusion of zombie content is however starting to get pretty fucking old.

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Vknsnoob653d ago

only last of us 2 can save the movie industry I legend 2... tv shows are dead not zombie dead i mean real dead.....hehe

Vegamyster653d ago

Another Dying Light would do well too if it ever comes, the 1st one was a pleasant surprise & sold very well.

SolidGear3653d ago

The Walking Dead Season 7 is the best in a very long time. I'm loving it right now on Amazon Instant Video.

WeaseL653d ago

More of a hiatus than dead

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