GameVortex: The Sims 2: Apartment Pets Review

GameVortex writes: "The Sims 2: Apartment Pets is like a hybrid of two other chapters in the universe of The Sims 2, Apartment Life and Pets. Filling your apartment with pets and decorating it isn't the only way to customize your Sim's life here, though. The apartment in question actually belongs to your uncle, who runs a pet spa downstairs. Spiffing the spa up is yet another option, with lots of accoutrements that wouldn't quite fit in an apartment, but work nicely in a small business. The graphics on DS are a nice fit for The Sims because everything is simple, colorful, and not terribly detailed. There aren't lots of cut-scenes or animation to display, and dialogue is limited to the weird babble that The Sims use each time they meet. The pets in the game are rendered extra cute, recalling at times what has appeared before in Nintendogs and other similar pet-care simulations".

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