Great video games that have aged terribly

Sure, that old game you loved as a kid might've been a big deal back in the day, but nostalgia is a powerful drug, and they're not as good as you remember.

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chrisx564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Golden eye was awesome on 64, I remember how amazed I was seeing little details like soldiers helmets dropping off when u head shot and holding their knees when knee shot. Great times

563d ago
crazychris4124563d ago

I tried to give Black a shot more than 10 years after it came out but you just move way too slow, few enemies on large maps. I couldn't get past the forest level which is like the 2nd or 3rd level.

XbladeTeddy563d ago

Nostalgia is never that great. I've tried playing old games and only ended up ruining the sweet childhood memories of them.

bouzebbal563d ago

FF8, Myst and RE2 didn't age imo.
i played FF8 (vita) and RE2 (Gamecube) not long ago and they are the same great games they have always been.

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The story is too old to be commented.